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July 10, 2011

Some news from Bretagne III

Here I am in a cool cloudy Sunday sitting typing some words into my blog. My family left this morning to Paris Montparnasse and arrive safe and sound. Now its the start of another week and paperwork,and travel.

Paperwork because the schools seems ok, all willing to take them by next school year in september, and the older study course for his degree and job is also in the works, so in all it was a very frutiful week of stay with me.

Then ,one of my twin boys will travel to Calpe in Spain on july 14 with his girlfriend’s family to be there until August 9th; all in all a very good vacation;and first time that long away from us…HE is 17 and really looking forward to 18 in november.

My father will be returning from Florida USA by july 30th at Orly ,and I will be there to pick him up ,stop by the house Versailles, and return back on Sunday.

I will be going on business trips ,first to Prague on July 13-15, then Lisbon July 26-28, and then Anvers,Belgium on August 3-5 so far all are booked. I will then probably bring the family back in August for school confirmation meetings etc very busy times ahead

The blog will slow down a bit with all this planning and travel, but I will stay close looking into it for any comments. As I said the weather is rainy cloudy cool, hoping for better weather by next weekend. Stay tune and until we meet again ::) Cheers

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