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July 9, 2011

Quiberon re visited, heaven on the Morbihan

We are back from a wonderful ride to Quiberon with the family. The day started cloudy and rainy but by midday it was lovely sunny and hot with plenty of folks even on the sand in the grande plage or big beach. We took a ride by Carnac Grande Plage and La Trinite sur Mer just for a taste, they will be back there soon.

Before I continue the official tourist webpage for the Quiberon is at

We arrive by car and again use the train station parking, you have 4 hrs free but so far no enforcement; and its 5 min walking to city center just at the entry of town. In havier days you can park by the Semaphore (parking for 1150 cars) and a free bus takes you to the gare maritime or marine station which is right in city center by the big beach. There is really no train but during summer months a TER train is run from Auray. The rest of the year is a bus line 1 from Auray or nearby Vannes.

The city center is really divided into the center of town, the Port Maria,and the Port Haleguen; the later is for fishing aficionados and a fishing port. Port Maria is where the marine passenger station is located that take you to adjacent islands like Belle Ile, etc and loaded with goodies, then of course city center has it all.

Today morning until 13h there was the marché or market day at Vazquez ,really huge with all kinds of goodies. We loaded up on cheese,honey, far breton (a flan type of sweet) and gateau breton a la framboise (breton cake with raspberries), plus gifts to bring back home from a watch, coffee mug, tshirts, to chains. The place is loaded ,has it all, and will surely be back on Saturday mornings.

The area was lively by midday, many families, with jumping boards for kids, plenty of sand play, and lots of people watching by the Grande Plage many restos, bistros,bars, and ice cream ,churros or chichis places.

We stop by the Comptoirs de la mer marine clothing/gifts store, the Belle iloise sardine and tuna canning company (you can have a tour), the Quiberonnaise fish canning(tour too),the Riguedel boulangerie pattisserie confiterie local famous store for the local taste , and went as far as the castle by the ocean, still in private hands!!!

The highlight was lunch at Quai Ouest, 51 Rue de Port Maria, Tel +33 02 97 30 52 87 , just looking at the fishing cooperative at the end of the big beach or grande plage. Funny the name if translated can be Key West (remind me of the place in Florida). I have the seafood menu of seafood platter of different shrimps,snails,oysters,mussels,etc plus a dish of Lieu noir fish sort of pollock in a buttery potato sauce with more mussels,brandade de morue or codfish potato dish, steaks for the kids, water, orangina ,and 8 beers! all for 90 euros for 5 persons! all delicious wiht friendly service, time just right.

We walk a lot into all the little side streets all wonderful and nice homes; walk back to get the car and took a car ride into Carnac, where we walk on the Grande Plage there , bigger but a bit more away from city center by a good 200 meters,then went into La Trinite sur Mer;nice again with the pleasure boats bay;crossing the bridge into Auray and our aprt. Everyone was please with the area , and very eager to finally be here all together;pending school year next.

Enjoy it, cheers!!


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