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July 8, 2011

Some news and food from Brittany or Bretagne II

Well today while I work ,the family was riding buses all around the area, and it was rainy and windy, typical of Britany or Bretagne lol!!!

The tourist season is here, the roads were packed, and traffic jams for the first time were seen on my way home. Luckily I know the area well and got to the gare d’Auray or train station where is ,also, a bus station or gare routiére to pick my family.

They went to the local FNAC store to get their video games, and found a goodie of a chocolate store, great chocolat which I had a field day just tonite. It is call Chocolats de Roland Réauté at Rue Theophraste Renaudot, Vannes at the ZAC de Kerlann, with webpage at

After work ,and picking them at the train station, I took them for dinner at a wonderful town, the center of Breton religious fervor as it is their patron sainte town of St Anne d’Auray, just down the road D19 from me. There next to the Basilica of STe Anne we had a wonderful Breton dinner with crepes of andouille,eggs, and cheese, also, another call infirmiere or nurse with bacon, potatoes, fried onions, and then a banana split, plus coffee and capuchino, plus two bottles of Rose cider yes rose doux pink cider delicious ,all 5 persons the addition came to 88 Euros!! The place is Creperie Les Ajoncs, 4 rue de Vannes, ST Anne d’Auray, Tel +33 0297 57 62 94 it is also a slaon de thé; email

And tomorrow is Saturday I will be taken them to Quiberon for the day ,as they will head back to our principal home in Versailles. The schools went ok and sure will be here in september, then the house needs to be sold and move here ,so the song goes on or the beat goes on as the saying goes. Stay tune for more here tomorrow, and of course photos because as usual we forgot the camera today ::)

The tourist office webpages for Vannes and Ste Anne d’Auray follows;


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