Some news from Bretagne I

Well gastronomy and wines is one thing that makes France famous, in fact the only UNESCO world heritage mention on it was won by France. Its a good reason to be here.

Every region has its part and goodies to savored, I like them all,been to all, but now living on a job assignement in the morbihan department of Brittany near Auray.

My forays has been to a lot of supermarkets those known names all over France such as Carrefour, Leclerc,Super U, and have a field day on bakeries.

Did I said bakeries yes Boulangeries and patisseries are wonderful and here is no exception. We just had a pain de campagne from the bakery across the street from my apt, just wonderful wheaties stuff with a fine hardy crust. And not forget those chocolate almond pastries they make oh my God oh la la la ,c’est super bien sur. Just drive by corn er hoet which in Breton means the end of the forest or the oree du bois _in FRench ::)

I have try the Bar Franklin at St Goustan old area of Auray, 21 Place St Sauveur, Tel +33 02 97 56 65 56as well as the Relais  Franklin , 8 Quai Benjamin Franklin Tel +33 02 97 50 78 67; both delicious crepes and galettes of breton fame with a nice view of the river Loch leading unto the ocean at the gulf of morbihan (another UNESCO World heritage site).

I did resto le Cozy, 2, rue Saint Cornély at Carnac, Tel +33  02 97 52 60 84  for hardy modern French cuisine of terrine de colin a fish, and ST Jacques en mustard sauce with pasta with the great local bonnets rouges beers!!!

Then we came back for the Creperie la Fromentin ,10 Rue Château, Tel+33  02 97 29 18 29, in city center Auray just going down hilly old world street into the St Goustan area, where for historical reason the name remains but the food is traditional French, having tuna in a sauce of poivre, squash, string beans,and potatoes ; my gang had steaks and fries of course, and hashis parmontier and crepes a l’oignion. All wash down with the house cider of course.

Not to leave out the local bar at Corn er Hoet ,bar restaurant in route de corn er hoet,Brech, even with an American flag hanging out always in front;good cold beers on the good is great.

I am sure that the culinary searches will increase as time goes on, we have our work cut out, back to Quiberon on saturday with the gang.

Not to leave out the goodies one can find here such as La Trinitaire biscuits and sweets etc of Breton originality, at Carnac and all over the region.

Come on now the beach season is just begun really, and folks are in, traffic will tell me that. Keep tune for more on the region and we will continue to report on it.

Enjoy it! Cheers!!!

2 Comments to “Some news from Bretagne I”

  1. I love discovering eateries, bakeries and pastry shops whenever I’m on vacation. And why is it that sugary sweets always taste better when you’re in a country different from the one you live in? The last time I was in Paris, I had the most wonderful pastry I’ve ever had. I still sigh when I think about it! 🙂


    • yes indeed and usually what you find unnotice of rating books are the best of the lot, follow your trail and it will led you to better things.
      thanks for visiting my blog.


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