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July 5, 2011

La Trinité sur Mer, pleasure boaters paradise

This will be one of my favorite places around here, its a pleasure boaters paradise and wonderful waterfront section of nice restos and great views over the boats. Its only about 18 kms from home so very close, about 11 miles.

The main tourist office for it is at

I went exploring the area at first so later can come with the family for further detail exploration. Already like the fact you can scuba dive here right from the pleasure boat harbor. One of the largest harbor for pleasure boat on the coast, about 2000 boats are there daily!

Well there is no train station, you come from Paris Montparnasse or Roissy CDG to Auray and then take bus 1 here. There is a local bus during summer the Tribus but the best way is by car on the N165 Nantes-Brest road, parking is very nice at st joseph just from the main harbor road turn left and follow the panels to parking!!!

you visit the port harbor area and see it from the bridge done in 1958; then see the beach just beyond the port,and the best way is to walk the city center and see the shops and wonderful places to eat and drink. There is a halles des poissons or fish market permanently ,and a station of SNSM or lifessavers at sea in which I am a donor for years.

It will be sublime to come here at night and see the harbor the water,the boats and have a nice Breton dinner::) Its really a boater paradise and you can try the fishing on foot by 14H from the tourist office they organise groups for it;inquire.

The two main beaches for swimming and activities are  the plage de Kervillen, and the  plage du Men-Dû, at the limits with  Carnac.

for eating the Aux Terraces de la Plage is a great creperie (the local food delicacies) done in many shapes and colors ::) this one with a great view of the harbor; webpage at the beach of Kervillen.

Very nice galleries of Art such as Plisson with nautical motifs great for a souvenir.Also,several souvenirs shops along the quais facing the harbor.

In all a very pleasant day and sure to be back several times here, which will update to you. I am in heavens, Hemingway call it Paris a movable feast, but he did not travel much here if he did, he would have done a second book and call it France is a movable feast ::)

Enjoy it, cheers!!!

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