The Presqu’ile of Quiberon, Morbihan,Bretagne

Well this is by far the best area so far that I have seen in my new area. The Quiberon is actually a peninsula( presqu’ile is almost island in French)  jetting out from mainland France into the Atlantic ocean in the department of Morbihan no 56 in Brittany, west of France. You best get there by car from Paris A13 towards Rouen, then Caen, then there take the A84 towards Rennes, then the N24 direction Lorient or get off from the N24 to the N166 direction Vannes then N165 direction Lorient. You can do it from Paris on the A11 direction Le Mans but higher tolls. The trains get you to Vannes or Auray, from Roissy CDG or Montparnasse in Paris, and one ride to Quiberon during july and August, and the Lorient airport ,webpage at or even Nantes ,the one I will take on my business trips at

The buses run from Vannes or Auray schedules here on the T IM transport circuit.

I did go as always by car and found easy parking by the side of the church and near the tourist office, in front of gare or train station, just 5 minutes walking to the tourist office and city center. However if pressed for time and easy parking try this one parking de Kerne near the embarkation port ,and if your walking is not up to par, then in summer months you can hop a city bus Quib Bus with pdf file you see the schedules ,stop,fares here

The website for details on the area is at

At St Pierre de Quiberon one of the principal towns in the peninsula you have the Fort of Penthievre of Breton historical value right overlooking the ocean.  You can visit the memorial to resistance fighters in the region who were shot by the nazis, now a wonderful cross stand and a great view of ocean and nearby beaches.

Many beautiful beaches including the wonderful Belle Ile and cruising companies that takes you there such as la Compagnie Océane and the Compagnie des Iles or navix with webpages respectively of and

There is a wonderful petit train that allows for a quick sightseeing and pick the best to come back in details , the info is here

The beaches are wonderful if for a short time they remind me of the ones grew up with in Florida USA, the Grande Plage just next to the city center of Quiberon is wonderful, just go in and out secure and with all amenities.

You have a wonderful excuse to walk, along the Grande Plage or Big Beach to  Port Maria  (where the docks are to visit the nearby islands) and the nice  Casino, the so call Promenade de la Plage ,and Boulevard Chanard are very nice, and all along city center you have the field of an old town but a beach town as well with numerous shops,restos, bars, etc to keep you busy for a while.

For gourmand ,you cannot missed this wonderful place the Maison d’Armorine just before hitting the main city center area in a artisanal park, but with outlets stores in town, the webpage is .Another wonderful store is La Trinitaine, 13 rue de Verdun ;many stores too, webpage

For some plays and dancing at night ,you can rely on the Casino, (not been in it yet but the area and facilities look very nice) The official webpage is at Another area not been is on the thalassa and spas around, they are well known and folks from all over Europe come here, in fact, it was German tourist who alerted me to them and did stop by outside. Here is the webpage with Quiberon on it,

Once again, no hotel as only have my apt about 30 minutes from here ::) Did had my lunch at the Restaurant Le Colibri by the Grande Plage, great spot, people watching par excellence and the prices right and food good, cant ask for more lol! at 1 boulevard Chanard, and even you can have your breakfast here (need to come back ::)))
The biggest market day is Saturday morning at the Place du Varquez; very popular with all the products fresh even the fish lol!! I am in heavens!! but also clothings, artisanal, etc.

Not to missed this wonderful store where I have already done some damage and its great with all sea motifs and supplies, as well as gifts many around even near my apt but they are all good; Le Comptoir de la Mer or the Sea counter store, it is by Port Maria in Quiberon, the general stores webpage is

Overall the town and area is wonderful ,highly recommended, and the season really starts by July 14 to August 30 or so, come early in the morning to avoid the only road that reaches this heaven in paradise, you wont be disappointed once you are here. I will make it my hang out place for the next stage in my life.



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