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July 2, 2011

Some news from France LIIII

Well  I am back in Versailles for the weekend before heading back towards work area with them for a week.

Whats new in the Paris region, lots of stuff and summer is here!! sunny lovely all over, just to be outdoors but I am with the blog ::)

Two great places one very familiar at the mini palace or mini palais in the Grand Palais , very grand with a now renovated terrace to die for it; see it at webpage ; the other one was there once and now back very nice for the summer ,Terrazza Martini 9th floor with a gorgeous look at the champs-elysées, you have to be an adult of course its a Martini drink sponsored place. website

My event at the Aero Club de France turn out wonderful with almost 90 persons in assistance during the glorious Paris Air Show which once again beat records of attendance with over 345000 folks!! The old friends and new ones experience is always nice ::) Thanks guys. and Eagles Soar!!!!

The Grandes Eaux nocturnes at the chateau de Versailles continues with great perspectives over the Grand Canal and fireworks by 22h The show by the Grand Canal is from 21h-23h, and the Bosquets and fountains from 21h05 to 22h55, and at the bassin d’Apollon from 23h to 23h20;

the same at the Grandes Ecuries across the castle to your left, dressage and baroque music with a wonderful choreagraphy with the horses under Bartabas.12€ or combine with the chateau admission for 21€. Same with Bartabas dueling with swords in the jockeys galloping at full speed, the show is separate on weekends for 25€.

Festivals abound for summer in the Paris area, my favorites on past years been the Jazz festival until 31 july at parc Floral in Bois de Vincennes. Late August in the Domaine St Cloud at St Cloud dept 92 just outside Paris is the Rock ‘n Seine rock and roll music festival. Until 17 july Vivaldi is at the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles

All the info for events at Versailles find it here in English

I will be away a lot in July traveling all over Europe on business and hopefully some time to see things; then slow down a bit in August (routine vacation time here),then pickup activities in September with visits to Chantilly and Paris.

We have back in my new area a Jazz festival at Vannes coming up very good I am told and will check it out; July 26-30:the info concert site in French will tell you the artists coming such as Cassandra Wilson, etc webpage here

Its slowing down time and family vacation time in France, already leaving yesterday was Rouge or red very heavy, fortunately for me I was opposite direction and found the traffic fantastically good!!! But every weekend from now on will be ins and out of folks so time it right and go early or night to avoid as much as possible the traffic.

Hopefully my kid’s girlfriend family will have an easy drive to south of Valencia ,Spain starting July 14,will be there for 3 weeks.

Cheers and until we read,hear,see again.

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