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June 18, 2011

Some news from France LII

Well I am back slowly getting to my blogging habits. I finally have internet at my new apartment, and just bought me a new samsung digital camera!!!

After all the paperwork and running around of getting settled in and all connections on, while getting to work normally ,this is my first full weekend free!

I took advantage of it right away. Camera in hand to take my first pictures of the area, went to a sleepy little village of Pluvigny not far from my place. Found out it has a nice cave de vins and cidres!!! just what the doctor ordered.

On my way along country roads like the D19 end up in Brech ,which is where i live ::) just to go over the mayor’s office and do my mails, and see the famous museum of St Degan, ecomusée. Continue along and found a jewel call St Anne d’Auray; here there is a huge basilica with many memorials including the one Pope John Paul II visited in 2008; my first pictures will be from here, it is gorgeous again. Impressive buildings; St Anne is the grandmother of Jesus,and the patron saint of the Bretons; it appear to a Breton farmer in around 1628AD and the shrine was built later in her honor. You must visit it.

Continue doing my shoppings along the way and end up in my area biggest town, Auray ,this is wonderful. Many buildings to visit and a great halle or market of fish ,seafood right in pl de la republique city center! Along the river you go down to St Goustan, and the place is sublime. Its a small town inside a town, along the river Loc’h with boats  and quais and the remnants of an old castle with wonderful views. All alongisde the quais there are bars,restos all facing the river and medieval streets with more of them. Plus another big church and monuments;all seems medieval lost in time. Definitively a place to come back and check every nook and cranny of it

I did had my Breton galetes at the Franklin jsut facing the plaza,and alongside Quai Franklin, name after Benjamin Franklin who at age 70 landed here in 1776 to try to convince king Louis XVI to acknowledge the existance of a new nation and allows credits so it can grow up well, this is of course the United States of America! Franklin was here ,and then I was too, just 15 mins from my apartment!!!!

You see I just tasted the waters today, and it looks I will very busy with extraordinary photos to come. Once I learn how to figure it out hehehehe!!

I am on to be by Chateau Thierry, on june 21 on business, time to stop by the house in Versailles on the way back, then on june 22nd will be in Paris all day on events relating to the Paris Air Show, my US university is involved in, and I am the director of alumni in France for it, ERAU, Eagles soar!!!

Until next time stay tune, you never know what you will see around here next ::)

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