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May 25, 2011

Some news from France XLVIIII

Well another week is closely going under, sitting at home ,waiting my last few days in the area of Versailles. Time seems to be going slower…..

I made another trip to Bretagne, and this time got my apartment nice property of four bedrooms, two baths, one car garage overlooking the main road of town and only 30 minutes by car from my new place of work. I do it all the time many like it in the past few years, this time hope I can stay a bit longer ::)

I will be in a village the whole metropolis has about 6K folks but divided into several comunes, along a country road, link to the main expressway linking Brest to Nantes, N165. The town main webpage is this one, oh its call Brech in French or Brec’h in Breton,

Lots of historical stones, churches, museums, and doldums around, very old , rusty country living, it sure will be different this time. Fortunately the family has all embrace it ,and all looking forward to it. Pershaps we were really country folks at heart anyway.

Tomorrow  I will pickup my suits that I had purchased, and then do some last minute shopping in the area , Friday evening will be viewing Paris, Champs-Elysées with some old business folks and then later by Chatelet for a round of beer with friends, going away from the big city. Not for long, as I said to many, Paris will always remains in you no matter how far you will be from it, once biten , the love is eternal. I will be baaaack !!!

So my writings will diminish a bit as will be in moving mode and new business procedures setup that will require concentration.  I am hoping in a couple of weeks to have some new material for the blog for that region.

I did visit Vannes yesterday and walk its old quarters, just wonderful like in a time capsule. Really looking forward to explore this part of France, another movable feast in the making.

If you are around Paris see me at Au Trappiste,4 rue St Denis by metro Chatelet Friday evening.  I will be leaving for Brech May 31st,and the beginning of a new adventure in my life. Stick around and see it with me as we walk,ride, and cheer the beautiful Bretagne region.

Have a great weekend ,and do keep in touch y’all. Cheers!

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