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May 9, 2011

San Francisco, golden and more

I feel that when I think of one of USA best travel destination it had to be San Francisco. I was lucky enough to be there in 2004, and it remains one of my goals to come back to this vibrant city by the bay and the golden gate bridge. I will need to find my pictures lol!!!

I just had friends from there coming over, and bringing goodies from there so its a good moment to talk about this wonderful city. San Francisco is a city and county of the same name in the State of California, USA.  The mission was founded by the Spanish in 1776 in honor of St Francis of Assis or San Francisco .

one of the most to see in the city is the Golden Gate Park, extending from the Pacific Ocean along Ocean Beach to Stanyan Street, webpage at Another nice park is the Lincoln Park by the end of Ocean Beach and the Bay with the Palace of the Legion of Honor, an art museum. aand over to the Presidio National Park that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge, webpages and  The highways I 280 and I 80 as well as US 101 criss cross the town , and the best way to get oriented here is using the route planner mapquest at . For buses ,cable car, tramway information the official site is . The best way to see the city is by the famous SF cable cars ,and they even have a museum webpage here ,and of course walking even those hilly streets can be an adventure not to forget. Many folks like me entered first by the SFO or San Francisco International Airport, webpage here ;when I went we rented a minivan for road travel.

Some of the wonderful museums here is the Legion of Honor, done in honoring Californians who fought in the wars at France, and today an arts museum; webpage . Another interesting museum I like is the Exploratorium, where Science and Arts is fused, started by Frank Oppenheimer in 1969, and on a building from 1915:webpage , another is the Museum of Modern Arts of San Francisco, the pompidou of the city, there since 1935, webpage

Some of the things to see that I enjoyed were the seaquarium by the bay, near Embarcadero and Beach st, webpage is here . The Pier 39 with lots of stores and restos and my favorite Crab House at Pier 39,  as well as the Bay and Blue boat rides into Alcatraz, webpage for the boat ride is at and for the Pier 39 at If you want to see the real thing and get on to Alcatraz ,this is the specialist althought I would choose Bay and Blue, second choice Alcatraz Cruises from Fisherman’s Wharfs webpage

The Ripléy’s Believe or Not museum is great with many extraordinary displays , it seems I follow then wherever they are, webpage is at , and the very nice Wax Museum both at Fishermans Wharf.  Which you can know more here with lots to shop and eat here my favorites are Ghiraldelli Chocolates ,and coffee shop at ,and dine especially in the evenings for a wonderful view of the bay at Bistro Boudin, . Another exciting place to be is The Cannery, the old Del Monte canning factory and since many years, the place to be for shops and restos in SF. webpage , and my favorite because its near the Financial district is Crocker Gallery with Leila mediterranean cuisine resto and  John Walker for those Californian wines, webpage . The webpage for the Crocker Gallery is here

My stay there was spent at the fabolous Hotel Nikko  at 222 Mason Street, Union Square very close to market str and the cable cars and up the Nob Hill to Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39 areas. webpage

walking we did a lot especially around Japantown (Post st)  and Chinatown (Washington and Powell) ,and Russian Hill areas. you can get a city pass for 69 USDollars good for all transport in cable cars, Muni transport system, and some of the places I have mentioned above, plus other USA cities, the webpage for San Francisco is at

For a look back of where it all began ,see the Mission Dolores house, built upon city foundation in 1776, the oldest of course, and the only remaining of the 21 that Father Serra started then. It is at 3321 16th street and Dolores St, webpage at

If you want to have a nice meal, great steaks,and be in movie history as it was here that Humphrey Bogart’s The Maltese Falcon was filmed then head for John’s Grill webpage you wont go wrong here ::) , and if you want your munchies and great pints, beer that is then head for Johnny Foleys’ webpage , and since folks like me cant never be too far from a good French resto, then head for Cafe Bastille off Market and Kearny streets, webpage is at

Enjoy San Francisco ,and its not Frisco nor Cisco, just plain San Francisco ::)

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