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May 7, 2011

Some news from Spain VI

well elections and talk is the norm now in Madrid, the May 22nd city and community elections is the hot topic of discussions all over. There will be the main parties PP, and PSOE as well as IU, but 22 parties are going for seats in the city govt and another 15 in the assembly. A total of  25 Political parties for the city of Madrid and 18 for the Assembly of Madrid are going for it. A real democracy in action!!!

Nightime repairs will be the word in south Tenerife on the roads that is long needed.  The road  TF-1 from  Santa Cruz to Armeñime( Adeje) is the one that will go first.

Tonite is Real Madrid vs Sevilla another hot game to see, with Mourinho out for five games due to UEFA politics, and he will appeal even to the justice outside football. In the Euroliga or European club championships Real Madrid reach the Final Four but loss to Maccabi by a wide margin, now will settle for third place with Sienna of Italy, Maccabi of Israel will play the final against Pananthiakos of Greece.

tour Bernabeu to see the Real Madrid stadium for 16€ a museum of the best team in history per FIFA and IFHHS of the 20C; loaded with memories and more each day, including a basketball section. tickets by Puerta 7 or door 7 at the stadium.  Official webpage info in Spanish but can buy tickets online on servicaixa just switch to English above right,

In another sad story the passing of Severiano Ballesteros a great golfer, one of the pioneers in Spain, not much into golf but know he was a nice guy. RIP.

Rain for Madrid today and tomorrow temps in the next few days from 14°C to 26°C with periods of rain, so bring a rainjacket this is May ,traditionally a rainy month.

for something different in Madrid go eat at Centro Cubano de España , is the oldest Cuban restaurant in Europe founded in 1967 at Claudio Coello, 41. Its an oasis in Madrid, have some photos of it. webpage (Now closed)

For a nice side trip from Madrid go down to the Province of  Toledo and visit Consuegra. From Estacion Sur in Madrid you take buses Samar to Consuegra their webpage is at . This is the ciy webpage on the molinos or windmills section the best amongst many to see here, its in Spanish go to Turismo, then Lugares de intéres, then castillo y molinos.

At Parque del Oeste in Madrid you can see throughtout 3 bunkers from the Spanish Civil War.

Work of the Spanish govt and various organisations to create a space of memories of the Spanish Civil War (Memoria Historica)  is up and running; the latest work is a map showing all the wells carved in to dispose of bodies during and after the war. The webpage can also help find love ones,and their final resting place, most at Valle de los Caidos;  the webpage in Spanish is here There are about 1203 wells still not open yet…

Spain has use up all their fishing quotas for 2011 and now need to depends on imported fish/seafood for the rest of the year.  This is according to studies from New Economics Foundation (NEF) ,and  Ocean2012.  In the UE, the fishing only covers 50% of its needs, and in Spain the consomption of fish is 44.8 kgs per year per person while the worldwide average is 17,1 Kgs !!! yes bring on the seas to our tables lol!

And Expomanga in Spain ,who wants to know the nominees of Naruto, etc. Started yesterday May 6  for 4€ admission in the Palacio de Cristal, Casa de Campo, metro line 6,9 runs until May 8th; webpage

Enjoy Spain everything under the sun. Cheers!

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