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May 4, 2011

Some news from Spain V

Well rain is the word my family tells me but its May, the aguaceros de Mayo….showers of May are in. 11°C to 21°C with rain for the weekend again.

My stories went way back on this but just today I can confirm it as reading my new Madridista magazine of Real Madrid read the article that when Real Madrid was founded in 1902 four members of the team were of Cuban origins. The brothers Armando,Mario,José Giralt and Antonio Sanchez Neyra. Many others follow, and now there is even a peña or supporters group in Havana that meets at the Hotel Nacional with 250 members!!!

One of its members is the actor Jorge Perugorria, a Goya winner and the group was form in his house in Santa Fe (near Punta Brava) so there you go even Football/soccer was strong, and I knew it.

these restaurant owners were given the order of Madrid by the mayor for their contribution to tourism in Madrid, these are Pedro Abrego ,founder of the  restaurants Mesón Txistu and Asador Donostiarra; Lucio Blázquez, owner of  Casa Lucio; Abraham García, owner of  restaurant Viridiana; Evaristo García Gómez,owner of  Pescaderías Coruñesas ,and the restaurants El Pescador and O’Pazo; Miguel García Gómez, owner of  La Tarinera and Los Remos;and José Luis Ruiz del Portal, promoter of the group  José Luis. Madrid receives today 7,9 millions tourist a year. el Mundo newspaper article.

Real Madrid tied Barcelona 1X1 in the Nou Camp for the semi finals of the Champions league. Again a goal was disallowed on Higuain by the belgian referee as Mourinho has stated we are playing always either with 10 vs 12 or 11 vs 16 ( for all the referees) ;the momentum was for Real Madrid if the goal would have been allowed. Barcelona moves on to the Final in Wembley London possibly against the Manchester United. The MU plays tonite against Schalke 04 already ahead 0X2. The UEFA needs to up the quality of refereeing or introduce the already suggested video replay to the game.

The tramwayof Arturo Soria in my old district of Ciudad Lineal, was planned for a way of 40 meters wide joining the main points in the city for a distance of 50 kms. The main road that today is call Calle de Arturo Soria is born in Chamartin and ends at Calle  Alcalá. It was due to economic of the times only 5 kms long that today you can see in certain areas pieces of it. This is very nice article in Madriddiario, as I took the tramway to see my Aunt at Canillejas which at that time had no metro only a tramway from Ciudad Lineal. They were in circulation until June 1st 1972. Now for shopping you can go to Arturo Soria Plaza webpage here

The feast of San Isidro is coming just a week away, see it all about here , and for the bulls this blog of wordpress, with all the info in Spanish

The Gran Via will be of honor this year,on May 15 all the Gran Via will be in blue carpet that will go from Calle Alcalà to Plaza de España or almost 3000 square meters for a trip of 1,5 kms. There will be projectors showcasing the history of this emblematic street in Madrid, all during the Feast of San Isidro, the patron Saint of Madrid.

For a nice walk in a nice park try El Capricho at Alameda de Osuna, metro Canillejas/Camo de las Naciones. A French flavor of the 18C in Madrid on a baroque layout; includes a number of squares and fountains .

For entertainment for all try Heron City just by Las Rosas Village  and plenty of cinemas, bowling, and restos to keep the entire family busy.  Buses takes you there from the interchange at Moncloa bus 628 is good. Trains the C8 cercanias from Atocha takes you there too. webpage with all info here

The wonderful Botanical Gardens of Madrid, many times there ,love it. Now during the month of May 9, 16,23 ,and 30th showing your metro ride ticket you can get in for free, just past the Prado museum, webpage

and for the family and budget the best deals in Madrid the Cafeterias VIPS including stores next to them for all your essentials. Calle Alcala 447 is my area, (includes starbucks,TGIF franchises and more) and the webpage for all is here

And last but not least the Campus Experience of the Fundacion Real Madrid ,the educational and charitable arm of the Real Madrid is having a basketball campus in New York,Madrid,and Santander this summer for kids ages 7-17 yrs old.From June to September 2011. see it all here

Have a great time in Madrid. Saludos.

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