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May 3, 2011

Some news from France XLII

Well here I am at my lunch and having a great time in Bretagne, I am near Vannes in the Morbihan dept 56; great glorious place and nice weather so far. The area of the gulf is a UNESCO heritage site and so deserving. temp is cloudy in the morning and then sunny in the afternoon, with right now its 16°C!

I am on business as my job takes me places so will need to see if can find me a camera , mine took a farewell after 10 years decided to stop working !! And I a wreck when it comes to the newer technologies. I will settle for a automatic one ::)

Nice places to mingle walk and hang around just doing nothing but walk and see churches from the 16C like in Saint Nolff, of course this is deep France so only in French but it gives you the idea of what to see if do not know the language, the city webpage

Then its off to Vannes the seat of government in the department or préfecture. Here is right at the door of the Golfe de Morbihan so lot more tourist places to see, and I just got here ::) see the interactive pictures just as true as it is, tourist webpage 

The best here of course is the crêpes and cider but also the

I am in a hotel chain ACCOR, Mercure close to the port, webpage company pays of course ::) And so far I have try in addition to the wonderful breakfast at the hotel, lunch is at work cantine!, and dinner and drinks outside , such as Villa Valencia , its a pizzeria but the name stuck so try this one first ::) the webpage , and had some late night drinks at La Bodega for the same reasons as the pizzeria but this time its real Spanish ambiance with tapas and great wines webpage

The second box of the down on a flight Paris-Rio No AF447 has been found!!! Now the two boxes are up and they can more easily found out what went wrong, also, give final resting peace to the families.

In France the death of Ben Laden is not the end of Al Qaida and the war on terrorism continues. Advicing French citizens not to go to areas of danger, and to be more vigilant in their whereabouts, as per Le Parisien newspaper.

Pierre Cardin is willing to sell its empire for 1B euros !!! He is 88 years old without succession or heritage to give!!! interested? here is the webpage

et voilà pour aujourd’hui parce que je suis en boulot ok à la prochaine mes amis.

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