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May 1, 2011

Some news from France XLI

Well here it is May 1 is gone with not much sitting at home ,and sad because the holiday fell on a Sunday, and tomorrow Monday is work day here in lovely France !

The weather is turning gray, then sunny in the afternoon, rain is predicted for tomorrow especially in the area I will be in Bretagne. Again meteo France says temps will be from 7°C to 24°C until May 10. However, rain is expected tomorrow Monday and on May 8,9,and 10 with storms.

So up I go tomorrow very early on my way to gorgeous Bretagne and its gulf of Morbihan. Sometimes the job makes for wonderful trips ::) However , maybe my writings will be less ,we will see ::)

As fashion and looks are an everyday form in France, I will point out some names that are in vogue as per Madame Figaro magazine. Names sounding strong now to look for them when shopping in France are Lancôme de l’Or Angerie perfumerie, Kenzo and Prada sunglasses, Prada Milano dal 1913 perfume, Mon Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari a perfum, thongs by YSL, clothing brand like Chloe, Maison Fabre, André, Paul & Joe, Maje, and Michael Kors,Christian Lacroix sunglasses, bikinis by Dior,Triumph, Paul & Joe, Louis Vuitton,Balenciaga, blumarine,Banana moon, YSL, Janine Robin, Iodus by Pierre Martinez, André Sardà, Fendi, Zadig & Voltaire, the series of sun tanning by Sisley Paris, and Opium by YSL.

As well as a new surging beauty salons call Biguine, webpage here . Also new store by pl Vendôme at 38 rue du Mont-Thabor, 1ér. White Bird, great creations in jewerly from Cathy Waterman, Sia Taylor and others.  webpage

Some houses recommended for massages / Spa of great reknown are in Paris, Asian Sushi Party at la villa Thai ,8bis rue Sedaine, 11éme webpage . message plus meals with good prices at Villa Spicy and Espace Weleda, for the messages ,and for the meals.  Also away from Paris ,one that I know from my wife at Honfleur is La Ferme Saint-Siméon, rue Adolphe Marais, webpage . and Lyon at La Cour des Loges, 2-8 rue du Boeuf, webpage

A great new place for clothings for out of town and ceremonials dresses is La Pompadour, 32bis blvd Haussmann,9éme sizes from 38-62 French, webpage

For watches of all sorts try Louis Pion ,there is a central store at 83 ave des Champs-Elysées but stores all over France,

BHV just open a new men’s store behind the emblematic department store, competing head to head to even its own group which includes Galerie Lafayette, and Monoprix. The store is located at  36 rue de la Verrerie,
75004 , and opening hours are  Monday to Saturdays from  10h to 20h, and its open until 21H on Wednesday and Saturday. webpage

And like coming to Paris cannot be without the food, for coffee head for one of my favorites in town Comptoir Richard the coffeehouse at 45 Rue de Bretagne 3éme, and also at my most visited in the 16éme webpage  For ice cream to melt and no waiting in line try Gelato d’Alberto, 12 rue des Lombard,and also at Mouffetards, webpage . For sweet and chocolate creation to boost your day in Paris try La Fougasse at 25 rue de Bretagne, webpage at  and to a crumpious delicious meal try one of my old times favorite if not at trocadero this one by the place des vosges is newer but just as good Carette, 25 pl des Vosges, webpage

And a wonderful expo at the Musée des lettres et manuscrits  (museum of letters and manuscripts) located at 222 boulevard Saint-Germain is doing the expo covering two hundred letters of arts thru the writings and notes of almost 50 of the greatest painters of our times such as Manet, Gauguin, Matisse, Delacroix, Dalí ,etc. unitl August 28th 2011 ,webpage

At the Maison des Etats Unis or the house of the United States, until May 27 you will see  beautiful portraits in black and white signed by  Samuel Nja Kwa showing the great ones of Jazz from Randy Weston to Ahmad Jamal. Located at 3, rue Cassette (6émé). Tél.+33 01 53 63 13 43.

Of  course the Bacardi Mojito lab, 28 rue Keller (11éme) you have about 20 different mojitos to choose from in a ecclactic salle or room, very friendly and happy crowd, and they even train you to do them. Every day from 18 h. Cocktails from 10-14 €. From the menu ,also, mojitos without alcohol at 6 €. webpage

And now last, the robe wore by Princess Kate in the Royal wedding at London with Prince William, carry the laces of the town of Caudry in France, Nord dept 59. Great to see it, as it is the town of my wife’s brother and we have been to the shop and we have the laces from it in our home…..Cheers

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