Some news from France XXXVIIII

Its been like summer weather already ,sunny warm and nice. The roads seems better too, we will have nice rides in the Paris area before heading again for Bretagne and the Morbihan next week.  My sons came back from trips to the Val Cenis in the Alps and Pont l”Eveque area on school trips.  The weather here is from 9°C to 21°C in the next few days sunny with some rain early in May.

Some new books coming out that might be good,first in French, need to verify if they have them in English or else. “Le petit livre de bons plans avec les enfants à Paris 2ed” All you need to know about seeing Paris with children 0-6 yrs old  by Sophie Millot. “Le Monde à Paris ,un Grand voyage au coin de la rue” seeing Paris by its melting pot folks of all places with things to do ,eat, etc. by Dominque Lesbros. “Spécial étudiants à Paris ,le guide avec la sourire en plus” places to see, eat, have fun for the younger crowd and not expensive, by several authors edition Hachette.  “My little Paris secret, le Paris secret des Parisiennes” all those little corners you want to explore unknown to many, this is it. writtten by many , edition Chene.  “Aux bons produits de Paris” all those ingredients and fabulous items needed to do the right meal no matter from where in the world, this book help you find it in Paris,by Brigitte Namour editor Parigramme. And you can find them all in my favorite book store all over Gibert & Joseph webpage here

Dogon, at the musée de Branly, will expo  330 statues, masks and objects of daily life retracing 10 centuries of dogon art of Mali from the first contact with the Tellem until the coming of the European style in the 20C. It is there until July 24 2011  on tuesdays, wednesdays and Sundays from 11h to 19h, night time thursdays, fridays and saturdays until 21h. webpage

Something for everyone in Paris ! lol!  From the 1980 this American Jim Haynes is supposed to do get together at his shop in the Alesia neighborhood ,the Sunday dinner is at 83, rue de la Tombe-Issoire, 75014, and bring together all sorts of folks willing to exchange and mingle with a contribution of food and wines for about 25€; more info at his webpage

Another heaven and try by me is the  Café A de la Maison de l’Architecture, just around the Gare de l’Est, and old hanging around place of yours truly , the cafe is on a terrace, hidden in the center of an old convent of Recollets that now houses the Maison de l’Architecture. Its peaceful around tiles and a big shaded tree planted by the franciscans monks . Couvent des Récollets, 148, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin,75010  tel +33 01 40 35 22 67.

Another is La Divette de Montmartre, this is the most rock n roll bar in Paris. On its walls you will see posters and vinyl records in 45 and 78 rpm of old ;it is said this is the most important European collection of vinyl records; its wonderful just for the look but the food is not bad ::) 136, rue Marcadet, 75018. Tél. + 34  01 46 06 19 64. no web closest metro is Marcadet-Poissonniers at  Boulevard de Barbes, line 12.

If you are concerned with air quality especially in cities, this site AirQuality Now will tell you the quality of air and noise and pollution in all major European cities, , and the European project Aphekom org that tells you of very polluted cities such as Barcelona, the full report is here 

The air quality in Paris is constantly measure by AirParif at the webpage which tells you for today a rating of 5 or average.

Statistics on the debt of individuals in France by the Banque de France tell us that most are single household about 65% and that most are renters or 80%.  Most about 95% are those that took out a loan with a bank!  This is a phenomenon more and more visible here as the credit financing companies have a total campaign to make take out second cards, and store cards and small loans even for vacations that just get a very high interest rate as much as 25%! 

Until September 25 2011 the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporaine has an expo on Voodoo the belief of the western Africa still practice today in many parts of the world.  bld Raspail at metro Raspail or Denfert-Rochereau lines 1 and 6. webpage

Have a great mid week everyone !!!

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