Some news from Spain III

Well rains are on and off, more of it tomorrow, all at Easter week or Semana Santa. Temps from 8°C to 23°C next few days, with the sun coming back. Then rain is announce by the end of April. So be prepared for rain especially as May is coming.

The Tamborrada de la Resurrección or drum beat of the ressurection closed today the Holy Week at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Many were there to witness despide the thread of rain, this is a tradition re started in 1996 that dates back to the 16C. The traject took the group from the  plaza del Conde Miranda, calle del Sacramento, Calle de Cordón, plaza de la Villa, calle Mayor ,and  Ciudad Rodrigo until coming back to the Plaza Mayor. The traffic around the main roads of Madrid was beginning to feel the end of the festivities and folks returning back with long delays and backup of 20 kms. The festivities will continue tomorrow in some provinces where it is festive day too as Easter Monday such at Catalunya, La Rioja, Pais Vasco ,and Comunidad Valenciana.

Real Madrid has done it again, beating Barcelona in the King’s Cup final at Valencia 1×0 with a goal in extra time by Cristiano Ronaldo. They won with a great tactical game by coach Mourinho ,and a great overall effort by the players. Then yesterday in Liga play, at the same stadium vs Valencia they won again 3×6 with basically their B team on the field if we can call them B team ::) Next game is at home in the Champions League vs Barcelona on april 27the and on to the 30Th league game vs Zaragoza. The team is on the roll.

Not to leave without saying their Basketball team just came back from 17 points down to beat Caja laboral 76×71. To consolidate their second place in the league while waiting for the Euroliga semifinal vs Maccabbi Tel Aviv in May.

great exposition at  the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza entitled ” Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904)”  This is a  project of the museum in Madrid with  the  J. Paul Getty Museum, and the  Musée d’Orsay , this is the first expo dedicated to the French painter/sculptor since one 30 yrs ago in the United States . running until May 22nd, webpage

Another work at Teatros del  Canal is “Le Poème Harmonique “, under the direction of  Vincent Dumestre, offering the play comedy ballet ” Le bourgeois gentilhomme “,it was the 11th of Moliére and Lully, and is recognised as the best success amongst the many works in the comedy ballet section for the theater and the dance. It will be shown on May 6, 7 , 8 with admission of from 20 €. webpage of who the direction of la poéme harmonique are is here ,and as to the place shown in Madrid webpage here

Bélen Lopez y Marcos Morales will be playing flamenco at El Corral de la Moreria, calle Moreria 17. Until April 29 double session 22h and 24h. Bélen Lopez is a prize winner of the National prize in Flamenco dance in Spain. El Corral de la Moreria for years years back is the place for flamenco in Madrid even with new comers. webpage

New Spanish movie just recently out is “Aguila Roja” Director: José Ramón Ayerra ,and with actors such as  David Janer, Javier Gutiérrez, Francis Lorenzo, Inma Cuesta, Myriam Gallego, and Santiago Molero. Something about an invasion from the lusitans neighbors against the Spanish crown a bit of history and movie making that folks there tells me its pretty good action movie.

For another entertainement option in Madrid away from the usual movida places, try a night of bowling with friends. My favorite is the chamartin location by the train station. entrance on Calle  Agustín de Foxá 26 open from 10H to 24H, and on weekends even into late in the mornings the webpage is

For a nice spa right in the center same area of chamartin, great place to be away from the centro and nice see the  AUDITÓRIUM SPA at Calle  Suero de Quiñones, 22 . metro line 9 Cruz del Rayo or Prosperidad line 4, open Mondays to Saturdays from 10h to 22h, and Sundays from 11h to 15h.
Webpage at

An icon in Madrid the sign of  Tio Pepe at Puerta del Sol will be removed while the Hotel Paris is renovated. The after will be a commercial center that is rumored will be the new Apple store in Madrid.  The sign of  Tio Pepe is here since 1937.

The wave of democracy is expanding the latest is Morocco where over 10 000 persons demonstrated in the streets of Casablanca for a better governement. Long live Democracy for all.

The Royal Emirates Group, an investment group of Dubai has confirmed by its Gen Mgr Kaiser Rafiq  that they have 100% purchase the Liga club Getafe, just south of Madrid  ;this is a football team.
To have a great rice dish as those typical of Valencia , popular city nowdays ::) you need to head for Arrocerias Mediterraneo , a family treasure for years and still highly recommended by them living in Madrid. You have casserole dishes of rice in many varieties and ingredients as well as the popular Paella with all its varieties too.  The service is promise in 18 minutes ,and you can take home the paella or its deliver to you within the zone. In addition the weekends fridays and saturdays at night you have a 50%  discount when ordering take out. They have several branches but for obvious reason I go to the one by Concha Espina ; the webpage is at

some events that were on this date April 24 in Madrid, 1862 the Cuartel de la Montaña in principe Pio was finished; 1918 the Institute Cervantes was created; 1945 Cinema Rex opened; 1962 monument to Jacinto Benavente  is open at Retiro park; 1978 cinema Fundadores closed.

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