Some news from France XXXVIII

Well the nice weather continuos with highs into the 29°C sunny and great all over, summer I can say has arrive early. This weekend is a bit crowded on the roads and too short so we have stay home except my boys out and about in La Defense and Paris.

The destination for the French to go out on vacation have some as the comments from the last World Tourist event at Paris, webpage ; now some of the findings, for relaxation the French will like to go to Baleares islands,Spain, then to party they like to go to Florida ,especially Key West, USA; for the taste of the sea, the region of Bretagne or Brittany (I was just there so I agree 100%) ; those into forest outdoors, etc they like to head for Canada,especially the area of Québec; to do exercise while traveling like biking, walking, etc the place is Switzerland,all the area around Lac Léman; for culture head for Austria ,especially Salzbourg and Vienna ; to do stops on a long journey and see places,best is the  Sea Cruises of Costa, especially those of the Scandinavian countries; If your thing is volcanoes then head for the Eolien islands off Sicily,Italy; for the unusual trip ,head for the exotic Azores Islands, Portugal right in the Atlantic ocean; for simplicity head for the isle of Patmos in Greece.

Some new low cost flying is coming up, such as going to the Baleares islands of Spain in the Mediterranean on Easyjet from Roissy CDG 69€!  RT ,and Ibiza on Transavia 97€ RT from Orly.  how about Reykjavik ,Iceland, from Orly airport on Transavia for 45€ one way. Brindisi,Italy from Orly for 87€ RT. Lamezia,Calabre, Italy for 6€ RT on Ryanair from Beauvais!  To Thessanolique Greece from Orly for 72€ RT on Easyjet.  the summer is here I said !!!

The maison d’hote or chambre d’hote are becoming more and more look at from visitors and locals alike in France . The services are personalise, with many additional opportunities to mix in with the local, and the owner always on site or around to advise and give that extra local flavor, something we always look for it ourselves.  A site for those looking luxury and best services all over the world to rent your property is at Splendia, webpage  For an across the board prices at all levels in maison d’hote or host house system the webpage is at you can go to the map or the department to narrow your search.  this is another version that looks for it in France and Europe; webpage  ,and the chambre d’hotes more detail in France  with webpage is at ;another site that I have used in the past is Clévacances, where you can rent apartments, as well as chambre or maison d’hotes, the webpage is at ,and another that I have used and long standing here is the gîtes de France site at 

The airports of Paris has begun a new service for all passengers passing or coming or staying at its airports, call the  la Conciergerie.  All the services typically done by a concierge at a hotel will be available at the airport of Roissy CDG and Orly, in various languages such as  French, English, Espanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese-mandarin , and Japanese.  There will be five counters to provide this service ,the two already working are at  Terminal 1 at CDG and at Orly Ouest terminal. By the end of the first trimester 2011 3 others will be operational at terminals 2E and 2C at Roissy CDG and at Orly Sud terminal. The webpage for more info is at

Brittany Ferries has open Bilbao departing from the UK.  It will be from  Portsmouth to Bilbao with a stop at Roscoff (Finistère) . More at their webpage

the AFCC or Association Française des compagnies des croisieres mention that in 2010 Cruising increase by  12% fro the French over 2009. The French market was the best increase behind Germany at +19%; however, it is in 5th place in Europe behind the UK  that only increase by  6% . So another way to visit France is to take a cruise ::)  here you will see all the member companies of the association ,webpage

Cityrama and Paris Vision are now one, as well as another modality call  Paris l’Open Bus,and Privatours. They had a 12% increase in passengers in 2010 over 2009. All under the new name CityVision, webpage here

The stand for cotton candy, hot dogs, churros,  etc at the Jardin d’Acclimatation by the Porte Maillot in Paris is been discontinue by the new owners of the concession the firm of LVMH. The business belong to two sisters that carry the family tradition there for 42 years,and born next door.  The new concession is more upscale with a branch of Angelina and Joies de Sofi  an upscale restaurant.  The new owners said the 13 employees will be absorbed by the new business that won in a bidding game. Of course ,another Paris tradition is gone, one that my kids grew up with;so sad. The sister have 3 months to leave the place.  the webpage of this wonderful park in Paris is at

France advice that it might pull out of Schengen zone due to the increase problem of uncontrolled immigration.  It leaves little protection for its borders from folks not belonging to the zone. They use Italy as a jumping point . The rule is  according to Schengen is that first country of entry needs to regulate the inflow of immigrants and have proofs of enough financial resources, this is not the case with the Italian authorities letting folks from Northern Africa easy . In the absent of financial resources the folks are been return back to Italy. This is now with the European Commission to study and for France to decide if cancel the agreement. Stay tune…

And to finish in a good note, A recipe for Easter à la Française, with a hint of American, Muffins chocolat-citron (chocolate and lemon). Now undergoing at home ::) not by me ok ::) For 6 persons we are! 100 grams of raw sugar, 180 grams of flour , 3 whole eggs ,1 yogurt natural or white, 1 bag of  yeast bakers ,60 grams of black chocolate, 10 grams of semi salted butter, 2 coffee spoons of extrat of lemon juice , 1 drop of fine salt ,40 grams of lemon skin cooked , bakers sugar splinkle.  the preparation cooking is about 30minutes I am told… 1)  pre heat the oven to 180 ° C or thermostat 6; wet with the butter and flour the molding for the muffins , cut thinly the lemon skins , cut the chocolate in small pieces, let it melt in boil water with the semi salted butter and mix in all of this , put in a pan and mixed in with a mixer machine the whole eggs with the raw sugar and the drop of salt,  add the yogourt, the mix flour with the yeast,and the lemon skins , cut the mixing in two , in one part add the extrait of lemon juice,and on the other part add the melted chocolate, spread the two parts into the muffins mold until about  2/3 filled;  slide them into the oven at middle temp or average temp for about 15-20 minutes about. Wait a short while once out to get the muffins out of the mold, and put them quickly in a bakers grill to let it cool . Sprinkle the bakers sugar over it.  You make it accompany with the family a  hot chocolate drink, lemon tea, cappuccino or coffee. Voilà ,best of luck and Happy Easter.

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