Some news from France XXXVII

Well great weather popping up  sunny and it actually look like summer already. I was driving by in Bretagne today and just arrive, wonderful climate and great views into the Morbihan region.

football/soccer wise I have to say cuddos for PSG who will be playing the  final Cup in France  vs Lille at stade de France, St Denis ,just north of Paris. Saturday May 14 at 21H.

The Foire de Paris or Paris fair is been held from April 28 to May 8 and there will be a gastronomic and wine display at stand J 14, pavillon 7 niveau 3 (building 7 level 3).

Then again one of my favorite wine events will be done at the Brongniart or Bourse in Paris from May 14-15 all day admission is 19€ or 25€ for the two days. you can reserve at the site of La Revue du Vin de France magazine. The wines of Spain will be at the top of the list with many representations such as Campo de Borja, Enate, and Pago de los Capellanes.

The 2010 wines of the Medoc (Bordeaux) are looking great on the first outings from the chateaux. Lookout for them soon in your area.

Watch this site the Comptoir des Vignes it will open a new store soon in Paris 17, and they are good as I saw the store in dept 77 La Ferté-Gaucher. Wines at its best expression for sale retail .

According to Hotel.Info the summer choices of Europeans is France bien sûr!! France 58% , Spain 7%, Italy 5%,, Caribbean 4%, Greece 3%,Portugal 2%, Thailand 1,82%, Turkey 1,79%,Germany 1,30% , and the United States 1,22%.

holidaycheck already well known in central Europe has arrive in France to compete directly with TripAdvisor, their webpage  with a system for rating hotels/restos etc by vacationers like us,  the green will be publish, the orange will need verification by the poster, and the red will not be publish. This in order to create more credibility on posting advice.  On area that needs improvement in these sites.

how about coming near me to the wonderful town of St Germain en Laye, Yvelines, 78 (see my entry here on it), rich places to have the best of French gastronomy, some good ones and some are my habitual ones over the years are this gourmet grocery store, Le Rameau d’Olivier, 12, rue de Pologne ; webpage . A wonderful chocolate lover, Pascal Legac, 61, rue de Pologne webpage .Everything for the kitchen as utensils machines, etc is Remue-Ménage, 14, rue de Pologne webpage . The fromages or cheese delights and well advise always by Sébastien Dubois, 16, rue de Poissy  webpage ;

And for the real British ambiance in St Germain en Laye (78) come to an authentic place with English spoken, Pub The Bitter End, 20, rue Saint-Pierre at the end of rue de Pologne and turn right ,webpage , and for a real French in town head for the wonderful Brasserie du Théatre, 19, rue Salle at the place Gen de Gaulle almost right across from castle. no web tel +33 01 30 61 28 00 .

And going back to Paris if you want chocolates and sweets or combination you will be in heaven at the 6éme, where all is concentrated for ease of shopping,and you wont get lost. Many here some of my favorites are Larnicol, 132, boulevard Saint-Germain webpage  La Maison du Chocolat, 19, rue de Sèvres, webpage  .Un Dimanche à Paris, 4-6-8, cour du Commerce-Saint-André,webpage  Patrick Roger, 108, boulevard Saint-Germain ,webpage ,And the Belgians are here too such as Pierre Marcolini, 89, rue de Seine, webpage  AND this one you should go to now, Weiss, 62, rue de Seine , this is one of the last chocolates torrefactor in France along the lines of Valhona and Cluizel.webpage

Something new coming in the tourist frequentation figures for France in 2010. The use-visits to hotels in France came back well in 2010, while the camping does not slow down especially in the high range (we do this always with the family camping is great! ),this according to a survey by INSEE (the statistics survey arm of the French government). The increase in 2010 over 2009 of hotels nights was of 2,2% still not erasing the low in the crisis of  2009 but much better and still lower than on the record 2007  ,this following the study by INSEE and the DGCIS = general directory of the competitivity, industry and services.  The business class visitors have increase by 4,6% over 2009 . The foreign tourists have increase 2,8% , and the French visitors to other regions then their own has increase 2%. The biggest winners are the high price deluxe hotels with  12%  for those in the 4 and 5 stars rating ,  3,7%  for those in the 3 stars rating and a decrease in the 2 stars rating to -0,7%.  The Chinese are on top with 45% of arrivals , then the South Americans with 28%, and Middle and Near East with 23%. The European are less than in 2009 by -0,2%, the UK, traditionally the most important market has decrease largely in 2010 vs 2009 by -6,7%. The other side is that the countries of Eastern and Central Europe  have increase +13,2%, and for the Russians +28,3%. For the  2010 season ,the camping has increase by 0.9% to  103,8 millions nights/visitor.

Cheers and keep that line ……………………………

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