some news from France XXXVI

well chilly weather has come back especially when work or happy hour time is coming, the middle of the day is warm and sunny. Temps in the 13°C today evening with a high of 19°C during the afternoon at Paris/Versailles axis. Thru the 24 april the temps will go as high as 24°C during the day, sunny, and during the mornings as low as 2°C in the Paris region.

The price of gasoline has reach an all time high in France, the SP95 on average of 1,53€ per liter or 8.36 USDollar per US gallon, and  diesel or gazole at 1,37€ per liter or 7.49 USDollar per US gallon, also a record. And in my area of South Florida USA is only 3.75 USDollars for regular gas !!!

Going for cheap haircuts in France for men ,the average is from 14€ to 21€ at  Tchip, Coiff & Co, and Self’Coiff. Then ,again, the prices have gone down to 10€ at Beauty Bubble opening in train stations, hypermarkets, and airports!

The Le Figaro newspaper reporting  that a mansion or hôtel particulier of  3100  sq meters including 20 rooms and 12 bedrooms, known as the palais Montmorency, located at ‘avenue Foch is for sale at 100M€! !! It has already generated inquiries from Russian and Chinese buyers! Here is the description . This is an amazing price for a property in Paris residential!

Anybody wants to follow Victor Hugo in Paris? here you have it. At 6, place des Vosges (75004), that was until 1848 the place Royale, the family of  Victor Hugo lived from October 1832  to the end of  June 1848. The apartment has 280 m² (3013 sq ft) ,and it is at the building known as the hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée,built in 1605.  Enlarged it houses since 1903 the Musée Victor-Hugo. Juliette Drouet, the most close lover lived nearby at 14, rue Sainte-Anastase.  There are 24 other place that he lived in Paris not too many still exist. One is at  37, rue de la Tour-d’Auvergne (today is No 41). End of 1848  he lived here at the first floor (2nd Fl US) over the garden and the slopes of Montmartre. Juliette lived there too always nearby at  rue Rodier. While not knowing that Léonie Biard, another favorite lived nearby too at 12, rue Lafferière.  When he came back from exile he is lodge with his friend Paul Meurice at the ground floor (1FL US)  of a mansion at 5, avenue Frochot. This place ,also ,served as lodging for Alexandre Dumas (at no 7 from 1850- 1851).  From the end of November 1878, Victor Hugo or « Totor » lived with  Juliette at 130, avenue d’Eylau (75016),in a small mansion once belonging to  princess de Lusignan.  On February 27 1881 more than 600 000 persons came to celebrate his 80th birthday. A few months later the avenue is given to his name ,avenue Victor Hugo, and the mansion takes the no  50 ; does not exist today but its place correspond to the no 120 today. From 1885 Victor Hugo stays at the Pantheon, when on June 1 more than 2 million persons came to his funeral. Le Figaro translation.

The beer of Paris !!! done in the 15éme you can try it again, it was stop by 1969 but it has come back since 2010, Gallia,5.5% alcohol,  the webpage is here 

Not to be outdone, if you want Paris water at the source, drinkable and great, you can get it at these places, for plat or regular water at  place Verlaine (75013),square ­Lamartine (75016), and place Hébert (75018). And for gaz or sparkler water you can do so at the  parc de Reuilly (75012) you can ordered here and map of these wonderful water fountains, webpage ,go to “carte des fontains de paris couleur” or blanc et noir.

Just in, the Chateau de Fontainbleau will have an exposition call ” Parler à l’âme et au coeur. La peinture selon Marie Lesczynska”  From June 18 to September 19, 2011, they will describe four new paintings given to the castle from 1749AD to decorated the room of the queen at Chateau de Versailles! However by end of the same year the queen decided not to keep them there so they were sent to Fontainebleau at the room of cosmetics of Marie Antoinette! All will on display with guided tours lecture if you wish.  The piece is not translated to English yet but the info in pdf file in French its here

And the first Festival of the Arts  or I Festival d’Histoire de l’Art will be held at the Chateau de Fontainebleau from May 27,28,29 ,2011. The invited country of honor will be Italy with the theme folie or joy, the best of the French and foreing specialist on the Arts will be there too. there will be lectures and concerts, and the castle will have free access for all.  There is a wordpress blog dedicated to it here in French, , and the official Castle page in French as well

Last I was by Montparnasse today, lovely day, nice sunny if a bit chilly, great food at the Montparnasse employees cafeteria where I was invited to eat. Great place, lucky those that work there every day. Great food and service at great employee discount prices, whole meal with drink and coffee at about 6 euros, and I am talking of hot meals platters. Cheers ,and remember Paris is indeed a movable feast !!)

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