Real Madrid on the march!!!

The coming days will be a dream come true, the two best teams in the world (my opinion) from the best league of Spain (my opinion) will be playing each other four times !!!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Barcelona vs Real Madrid. It off and running, have football/soccer fun.

First the Liga game on Saturday April 16 at Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid stadium at 22h (10pm). The Real Madrid have won the Liga most with 31 titles ,last in 2007-08 .It will be pack to watch it anywhere but I have always good results with for all games.

Then, we will have the final of the King’s Cup or Copa del Rey at Mestalla stadium of Valencia on Wednesday April 20 at 21h30 (9:30pm) for another dandy ,the Real Madrid is back on a final after 18 yrs absent (last won in 1992-93) with 17 titles already on its trophy museum !!!

Then, we move on to the big stage of the Champions league, two games, home and away. The home game at Santiago Bernabeu stadium on Wednesday April 27th at 20h45 (8:45pm), and the away game at Camp Nou stadium on Tuesday ,May 3, at 20h45 also. The Real Madrid have again won the most with 9 European Championships ,last in 2001-02.

The important game is the Champions, but the team needs to have a good start on the Liga game to have momentum going into it. I believe been 8 points behind the Barcelona cules in the Liga is too much to overcome, the Copa and Champions are doable and at this point more important .

Some statistics to give you the overall picture of these two teams, in league play the balance is simple 167 games, 68 victories for the Real Madrid, 62 for Barcelona with 30 ties. In the Cup of Spain (kings) 28 games played, 10 victories for Real Madrid, 13 for Barcelona with 5 ties.  Super Cup of Spain, 8 games played, 5 wins Real Madrid, 2 for Barcelona with one tie.  League Cup, 6 games played, 0 wins for Real Madrid, 2 for Barcelona with 4 ties.  Champions league, 6 games played, 3 wins for Real Madrid, 1 for Barcelona with 2 ties.  So the overall balance is in Real Madrid favor ::)

I will give the official webpage for Real Madrid,my team as

and the forum where I exchange with the world is on my blogroll bottom of my page. ForoRealMadrid at

in English an good site is FoxSports at , and of course the UEFA portal at


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