Wax Museum of Madrid,Museo de Ceras

Well this is a little nice museum in a nice area of Madrid often overlooked. However, for its Spanish personalities and to know a bit more of Spain, it is good to go. A great way to meet the royal family of Spain !

The Museo de Cera or wax museum is now popular in many places. The Madrid one is no exception.  It is at Paseo de Recoletos ,41 near the Plaza de Colon . Metro Colon ,line 4, as well as cercanias trains in Colon station. Parking is also available at the Colon Centre on Marques de la Ensenada 16, just off paseo de Recoletos or underneath Parking Plaza de Colon. The Madrid metro webpage is at http://www.metromadrid.es/es/index.html , and the community webpage that links metro,bus and cercanias is CTM here http://www.ctm-madrid.es/

Some very famous folks have visited as well as been waxed inside. The galeria del crimen or gallery of crimes is great too as well as tren del terror or terror train. The modernistic Virtual Reality Simulator is awesome.

I must add many who love Spain are here too as Elizabeth Taylor, Buzz lightyear and Woody, Miles Cyrus,Mario Vargas Llosa, and visit by Barack Obama, US President. The museum is the 8th most visited place in Madrid so be it. I will recommend to all those with children especially.

A walk in the Plaza de Colon or Colombus plaza with the monument to  Colombus and the scriptures all around the wall is a great family pastime and very educational too. Plenty of hotels, I have stayed a while back at the Fénix deluxe for a splurge but many more around it. The Barclays branch across the plaza is my ATM savior always.  hotel is here http://www.solmelia.com/hotels/spain/madrid/gran-melia-fenix/home.htm , and for those from abroad needing some cash the Barclays branch is here https://www.barclays.es/publico/contents/comunes/buscador_oficinas.jsp?lang=es_ES&origen=particulares#logo

To eat plenty, my favorite not far from there is the Cafe El  Espejo, paseo de Recoletos, 31 metro Colon, just down from the museum. A great tradition in Madrid with glass windows and great people watcher, the webpage http://www.restauranteelespejo.com/ , and for a more serious discussion and great talk the perennial best of many afternoon with friends, and sportsman, El Cafe Gijon, paseo de Recoletos,21, webpage http://www.cafegijon.com/

The museum webpage in English is here http://www.museoceramadrid.com/INGLES/index.html

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