Some news from France XXXIIII

Here it is Tuesday sun comes on and goes the temp as high as 19°C with more days like it coming up.  According to Meteo France the temps will be from a low of 7°C to a high of 23°C with cloudy days and sun in and out until mid April. The roads are nice easy flowing even around Paris except on the rush hours times 6h30-9h and 17h30-19h.

Carla Bruni the French President’s wife will come out with her fourth album after the Presidential elections in 2012 whether the Pres wins or lose. She will continue with her show business career.

By June 1 2011, the statue of Louis XIV in front of the Chateau de Versailles will have two ornamental arches of steel encircling it !!!  It will need almost 10 tons of steel to hold the structure weighting about 55 tons in a rocky soil around the equestrian statue, something that  will make the firm in charge of it ,Greisch , that ,also did the calculation for the bridge over at Millau. The architect of this monstruosity is the French Bernar Venet. The structure in steel will have a height of 22 meters (72.6 ft) this according to the Le Figaro newspaper.

The Comédie Française known as the home of Moliére will be undergoing renovation so the acting will be move to the galeries d’Orléans at the Palais Royal;work continues until 2012.

The scenes from the movie The King’s Speech will be censored in the USA because there is a few lines of the word F… !!!  You can hear the commentaries from Tom Hooper here , the video is in English

A wonderful exposition again I put it up here «Manet, inventeur du moderne», or Manet, the inventor of the modern at Musée d’Orsay, 62, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris, from April 5 to July 3  2011.  First ever wonderful exposition on this wonderful painter . It was in 1863 that the grand jury of Salon refuse to present his work entitled Le Bain, This portrait by Edouard Manet that eventually became world famous under the name Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe or The Luncheon on the Grass will be examine in details with great explanations by experts on every inch of the painting.

Recently in the Le Figaro newspaper they ask the locals what is it that they look forward in a Bistro Parisienne and this is the response of 104 readers.

A typical decor (square towels, zinc counters, etc) 16.35% .A menu for less than  30€  34.62% .A warm feeling of the owner or staff  5.77%. Traditional dishes such as œuf mayo, pot au feu,  or blanquette de veau.13.46%. A grill over wooden kitchen  9.62%. A pro service and pleasant welcome 4.81%. Wine serve at the counter 3.85%. Desserts like Grandma made them 0.96%. A regular clientele on site 4.81%. A nice location near your home 5.77%.  And the winner was better pricing ::)

Something closer to me, there for several years a group of folks in love with history and architecture in France and elsewhere who are trying to bring back a building long gone from the Paris scene and I am afraid for most forgotten. We have a webpage that is just beginning to be reinforce with my help and others , the front page is on ,and it will be hugely done in the coming days and weeks. The Comité  National pour la Recontruction des Tuileries is a great private effort that tries to rebuilt the Palais des Tuileries at a projected cost of 350 million Euros , and all will be from private funds/donors no taxpager money will be use. The land is already there now own by the City of Paris . We have so far about 400 members and growing fast as the webpage is enhance with all the good information.  What are we trying to build, well

Wikipedia gives you something in English but one mistake ,it was not where the Jardin des Tuileries is now, but next to it, the webpage

The name Tuileries come from the middle ages where a roof tile business was there (used for the Louvre and the Tuileries) once this was gone, the gardens were done and carry the name of rooftiles or tuileries so you have the Jardin des Tuileries facing the Palais des Tuileries facing the gardens and the back the fortress now museum of the Louvre.  At this link you will see more photos of what it was before its burning in 1871 by the communards and later razing by the city of Paris in 1884,

If anyone wants to help as donation to the rebuilding of this palace let me know, all is tax deductible in France, check with your accountant for your country of residency. I was the Treasurer  before moving to Brittany ! Cheers!

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