Maxim’s saveurs et vins

There are many things to do in the Paris area, the metro area never ceases to offer opportunities for all in all age brackets. I am with many organisations non profit and else doing many activities in addition to my job, like to keep me busy.

One of the best I like to do is gastronomy and wines, as you might know, France has been given the distinction by UNESCO as an inmaterial world heritage event for its gastronomy and wines, the first and only one in the world so far. I am into it like a dreamer, best excuse to live here really.

The one I look forward to go every year is Maxim’s peniche or boat event call saveurs et vins or tastes and wines event on the river Seine by the port de Suffren just down the left stairs from crossing the tour Eiffel. It goes on every year in March usually around the 18-20 of march so look for it ,the webpage is simple but enough info to inform you in French

you can get to the above event on metro Bir Hakeim line 6 or RER C champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel, you go down the stairs by the carrusel side with your back on the Tour Eiffel its your left, walk along the river Seine Port de Suffren for about 100 meters and the boat peniche Maxim’s is there anchored.

Many wonderful independant producers come here, and the offering is the best in country France. Our favorites over the years coming here have been

Chocolats de Beussent-Lachelle,

Champagne Gonet,

Chateau de Pertonniéres(beaujolais),

Domaine Dutertre ( a true family feel and friends from Amboise,Touraine) ,

Souleilles terre de foie gras , near Agen,

The whole family takes a crack of ordering their favorites, and even help out with the packaging. IN july of each year we have participated in the Domaine Dutertre,Promenade Gourmande by Limeray,Amboise, this year will be July 3 2011 with the auspices of the Lions Club Amboise les 2 Vallées. The price is 35€ per adults,and you get to walk amongst the vinyards, drink the fabulous wine of Touraine-Amboise region ,and eat the goodies from the area. the leading winegrowers from the area participate, there is a webpage in French at you can sign up and let me know maybe we will meet !

The above event is in the village of Limeray, just off the N152 road, and from Paris best on the A10 to exit direction Amboise on the road D31, you will then see sign for Limeray well posted.

Its France at its best, and if in Paris you should come to taste the best too. Some photos

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