Remembering Villanua, Spain

I have travelled very extensively in Europe, from the times where there was no internet and certainly not a desire to take pictures. Actually , I started collecting post cards (have  still from 76 countries and about 3525!) as the pictures look better than mine lol!

Over the years I realised photography was great,and came back to it with the advent of the internet, and the travel forums. I have pull two pictures from those sleepy but beautiful towns along my routes. This post is about one of such towns as it bring back nice memories.

The town of Villanua, is in the province of Huesca, autonomous region of Aragon, northern Spain; at the foof of the peak Collarada with 2886 meters ( 9524 ft). It is not far from Jaca, and the ski stations of Candanchu and Astun with only 12 kms from the frontier with France by the new tunnel of Somport. I say new tunnel because before in the old days I used to cross by here with a VW golf car climbing on second gear all these magnificent mountains in the Pyréenes.

The road taken was the N134 from France at Oloron St Marie, once crossing into Spain either by Puerto de Somport (old road) or Tunnel de Somport you reach the road N330 that takes you into Villanua. A good road route planner for all of Spain is the Repsol gas stations , similar to Michelin, webpage here . The bus company in the area is Alosa with webpage here and the train for Spain is

The tourist webpage for the valley of Aragon is here , and the city mayor’s office has a page on tourism with hotels and restos webpage on that here in Spanish

Some of the webpage to help the more in time visitor are the Somport, with many skiing amenities here . The ski station at Candanchu webpage , and one at Astun webpage here

In addition to skiing, the area offers great caves and walk trails in the mountains. Some of the better known caves are Gûixas, Fuente del Candado, Way of Canfranc, new cave or Esjamundo, and Venero. You can hook up with these people, Sargantana, have the webpage in contact page here

It is ,also, a way to the Camino de Santiago or the way to Santiago de Compostela, many routes pass by here all into the Camino Aragonés, the webpage with info is here

I have stopped at the mountain hotel Faus Hutte, Carretera de Francia, Villanua, Huelva now call hotel LaCasa but a very charming place; webpage We ate right there even waking up the cook, so it became I home as we try to stop there always on our road trips into Spain that have been solo shot from Paris to Madrid on several times over the years.

If you love the outdoors and think mountain, this is the right spot for you and prices are better than in France. Hoping that it brings you nice memories too. Cheers.


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