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March 28, 2011

La Villette ,Paris 19éme , coming back in style

In my rumblings thru Paris something I never will get tire of doing, I came back to the 19th, this area was the passing of many by me as it was my getaway to see my girlfriend now wife outside Paris on the old N3 now D603 road direction Meaux.

The passing by the Rotonda de la Villette was always inspirings, even thus the area for many years was left a bit behind shal we say… Well I was told it has come back and I went back out there to walks its Crimée and Jaurés etc streets and feel it again, and I am happy to tell you it has come back indeed.

This is the mayor’s office webpage for the 19 arrondissement de Paris ,

It covers the northeast quadrant of Paris bordering the boulevard periphérique, the first mention of La Villette goes back to 1198AD, and the area was like many annexed to Paris proper in 1860.  It is divided into four quartiers or neighborhood such as La Villette, Pont de Flanders, Amérique, and Combat.

Things to see here well the main one for me is the Cite de la Science et de l’Industrie with plenty of activities from the cultural to scientific to music events ,webpage . The Parc de la Villette is the biggest park in Paris done in 1867  covering 55 hectares ( 135.85 acres), it has a webpage in French at ; however, will tell you what you find here, its very nice complex ,there are the Grande Halle de la Villette, metal structures built in 1865-1867, it was the site of one of the biggest slaugherhouses in Paris and today it serve for cultural events and concerts; the aforemention Cité de la Musique et de l’Industrie, the Géode, a large ball shape building of 36 meters( 119 ft)  in diameter housing a cinema IMAX,  the Cité de la Musique, all about musique from shops, history, presentation and museum; Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (CNSMDP),  Zénith de Paris,  a concert hall and popular venue with 6300 seats, great concerts here !!!with the best of yesterday and today in music, webpage; Philharmonie de Paris (to be open in 2013); Cinaxe , this is a cinema made like a flight simulator ,very good! you play the movie with the same movements lol! , Argonaute ,submarine of the French nave on display, Le Trabendo , another hall of shows spectacular concerts with capacity for 700 persons, webpage  ; Cabaret Sauvage, a concert hall, nightclub, very popular great events love it ::)  webpage ;  théâtre Paris-Villette, a theater and plenty around there too even on peniches boats ,this one,the webpage is here ; It has an equetrian center, sculptures, and music kiosques all around, great place to spend a day in a different Paris.

It has gorgeous walks along the Canal de la Villette, Canal Saint Denis,and Canal de l’Ourcq all meeting here going into a great esplanade to the Rotonda de la Villette ,the old tax authority now been converted into a Brasserie restaurant for possible opening by August 2011. The luminous cinema MK2 right overlooking the canal is romantic ,beautiful this is the webpage look at the photo wow, in person at night its even sublime, love it !!!

All around these canals you have the bassin de la Villette, the biggest body of water in Paris with 700 meters long( 2310 ft) and celebrated is bicentennial in 2009! The aforementioned Rotonde de la Villette  is one of 54 buildings done in 1784 to received the taxes on products entering Paris; it faces the Bassin de la Villette, it is now under renovation to have a cultural center and brasserie/restaurant there.

For difference there is a nice church St Jacques et St Chritophe de la Villette at place Bitche a nice small park in front will do good for a rest and some snack/drink to recharge your walk, I know I did :::) this is the Church webpage

Here you can get to many peniche boat and cruise boat on the canals and bassin the most famous is the Canauxrama firm right on quai de la Loire, the webpage is ,but, also, the newer Paris Canal same side of the quais with webpage

There are numerous peniche boats anchored here providing theater and opera performances right on the water, amongst them Péniche Opéra, webpage of theaters in Paris in French,  as well as design furniture etc event such as the Puces du design , webpage , and dance music with color at the Peniche Demoiselle with les ailes d’Oraguon, webpage

To have a zip drink spend a lovely time here other than inside the Parc de la Villette, you have a wonderful cafe LM at the MK2 cinema overlooking the bassin de la Villette, Belushi’s at rue Crimée is wonderful and youthful with good prices, and great views, webpage  For a heartier meal I suggest the Au Boeuf Couronné, for great beef and the signature of Gerard Joulie restaurants in Paris, located at 188 ave Jean Jaurés, metro porte de Pantin ,line 5 ;webpage

There is a hostal St Christopher’s next to it with lively ambiance, great prices, and very easy located on metro Crimée line 7; webpage .

The Paris tourist office webpage ; and some of fruitful walk in photos

Enjoy it, Cheers!!!

March 28, 2011

Some news from France XXXI

Well the Spring season is strongly underway with todays high of 17°C and sunny. Nice ride on the roads around Paris . The temps will go as high as 23°C by Saturday and early week in April some rains is announced according to Meteo France.

Recent regional elections in France have left the Left ahead with  35.75%, UMP the ruling party now got  20.24% ,and the right FN got 11,73% … with a whopping 55% abtention !!! Versailles area stay right with the UMP way ahead.

What started as a reporting way to show its quartier of Pigalle by Philippe Cochinard has now turn into a 21 district Paris Web TV  where you can see the news happening in those districts or neighborhoods, mostly tourist areas, such as Pigalle, Montmartre,  Saint-Germain, Bastille, Champs-Elysées, Mouffetard, Opéra, Belleville, Bastille, Tolbiac, Invalides, etc . You can see the news here

Next April 8 is last day of school for kids in the Ile de France region, vacation for Easter until April 25th, so kids on the roads be careful. However, my kids go on school trips from April 4-8th ,one to the Alps and the other to Normandy ,then Easter vacation, what a nice life Lol!!

If you want to know what classification is your hotel ,B&B or vacation rental in France go to this page Atout en France in French ,official govt webpage, and key in the name on the right bracket that says “Rechercher un hébergement classé”, the webpage is

If you want to see web TV in Madrid then come for MadridiariocriticoTV, that will be known under the letter code MDCTV: all you need to know about Madrid, Spain, and it will be in Spanish of course first,webpage

In Madrid, the Palace of Cibeles has re open after 100 yrs !! remodeled open this Sunday and will be free until July 27th 2011. It has 44.600 square meters in 8 floors! The palace once the seat of Spain national post office will have in floor  -1,an auditorium of 2 150 sq meters with capacity for 296 spectators ideal for camara music as well in the floor 1 a Salon or room of expositions of 1 400 Sq meters ; floors 2,3,4 will be available for expositions . Also,  a beautiful Galería de Cristal,or gallery of mirrors with a patio garden linking the streets of Alcala and Montalban. Source newspaper MadridDiario with these beautiful photo collection one inside the Palace at ,and the other looking out from the palace at

More improvement in the metro of Madrid with the extention of Line 9 to Mirasierra. one of the longest line for 38 kms linking 28 stations; this will be the first phase of the extras here,  the second phase will continue with a second station at street Calle Costa Brava that will link by a tunnel the 1,4 kms from the new station at Mirasierra to the Cercanias or suburbian lines C7, C8 ,and C10. Source in Spanish MadridPress.

The European football qualifications continue on March 29 with Spain playing at Lithuania, the game is in doubt as the field is in very bad condition and the Spanish federation has asked UEFA to inspect it for proper conditions before the game is played. France plays the same day but a friendly match against Croacia at the Stade de France in St Denis,north of Paris.

The always interesting NCAA basketball tournament in the USA is coming to its Final Four with lots of surprise, only Kentucky can claim of pedigree the others could be in for a surprise Connecticut, Butler, and VCU( Virginia Commonwealth University). It will be from April 4 at Atlanta GA . I have to go for the underdogs VCU!!!

And the main city in my last county in the USA ,Broward County Florida, the city of Fort Lauderdale is 100 years old this year, celebrations abound, see the local newspaper Sun-Sentinel  here,0,4358903.story Happy Birthday FLL !!! from your old neighbor of Miramar ::)

And lastly ,was walking around the area of Paris 19 last week around Villette, Jaurés, and Crimée so took some pictures because its one area of Paris on the up and up, hightly renovated and great interest for locals and visitors alike. See next post. Cheers and have a great week.

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