Trier, oldest city in Germany

Well lets get into Trier with a funny story. This is Trier,Germany just passing Luxembourg. I came here as an extension of a trip to Luxembourg and my boys wanted to see Germany, they have not been there,and I have been on business trips to Frankfurt area, and Berlin only. So we took the extra kms and went as far as Trier.

Trier sits on the banks of the Moselle river, a very good area for wines too::) It is considered by many to be the oldest city in Germany as it claims to be founded before Rome in about the 16 BC year…old…. However, it is a lively town with a huge University population.

I came to see the Porta Nigra, a nicely done Roman gate in great preservation. The Basilica of Constantine, the Cathedral , and the river cruises.

You can reach here by train using the German rail system webpage which can be seen in several languages, . I drove my car the best way to travel in Europe in my opinion on the A4 from Paris direction Luxembourg then the A1 E44 past the Luxembourg airport signs you see the ones for Trier, exit 3 on the A1 E44 takes you into the city. You can do the scenic ride along the river Moselle by getting off from the A1 at Wasserbilig and take the local road 49 direction Trier. Parking underground with payment is best at Europahalle near constantine basilica or parkhaus Galeria Kaufhof dept store . The route planner viamichelin will help you webpage

The Porta Nigra, 180 AD is impressive to see this beauty and this old right in the middle of town. Some of the stone blocks weights 6 tons , and admission to the top is 3€

The Basilica of Constantine, and the impressive throne room, is the largest surviving single-room structure from Roman times. This is worth seeing it is gorgeous too bad time and camera did not help on this day…The sizes of it are  27 meters (90 ft) wide, 33 meters (108 ft) high, and 67 meters (220 ft) long – with an adjoining hall outside even 75 meters (250 ft). Admission is free!

The Cathedral sits in city center  as most do, the present Cathedral stands on top of a former Constantinian Palace, after Constantine’s last visit to Trier in  328/9 AD, the palace was leveled in 330 AD and replaced by the largest Christian church in Antiquity. official webpage of the Cathedral is in English here admissionis Free.

You should walk in the Cathedral City, this is the area around and behind the Cathedral is lovely medieval look and very quaint, love it.  Another great area is the Haupt Markt or central market plaza, surrounded by six streets and access to the Cathedral. After the Viking destruction of 882 AD, the market was move to the present location and a Market Cross still commemorates this event from 958 AD. The original of the cross is in the Municipal Museum; the column shaft is a recycled granite column from the Roman Cathedral!

You can indulge in German wine starting from the Roman Amphitheater as Trier is in one of the largest wine-growing communities in the area Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the classic Riesling wine area, and considered the cradle of German wine culture. There is a huge wine cellar underneath the amphitheater that in its heydays was used to keep prisioners and exotic animals like lions ready to combat gladiators in the arena!

I did not had the time to stay in a hotel as was based in Luxembourg city, but the choices are plenty and for walking best in city center.  My favorite chain is here at Mercure Trier Porta Nigra. As far as eating, this is what is funny, my boys decided to behave like Americans so we ate at get this Burger King, Subway, and I had my wine and people watching at Zum Domstein.

so Burger King at Fabrikstrabe ,alleencenter, near train station and not to far on foot from the Haupt Markt central plaza.  Subway at HauptMarkt 13, right on the main Plaza. The Zum Domstein is a popular place right in the main plaza too ,Hauptmarkt, if you are into wines like me this is heaven, webpage

The souvenirs /shopping I would say walk the main shopping streets such as  Simeonstrasse, Brotstrasse, Fleischstrasse and Nagelstrasse . We found great prices for casio watches and clothing at the wonderful department store Galeria Kaufhof ,two stores in Trier, at Simeonstrasse and Fleischastrasse streets, and webpage in German here

This is a shopping portal in Trier where you can see all the stores,events for shopping ,and order online in Europe. . The city tourist webpage is , and the region of Moselle tourist webpage is at

I will be back…and so can you visit this nice city in Germany. More posts later on and photos. Cheers!



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