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March 23, 2011

Versailles and its majestic trones

Well recently I went inside the Chateau de Versailles, its just near me, but I usually go into its gardens and walk, have a snack at Angelina petit trianon and walk again. This time it was different.

The exhibition Majestic Trones or Thrônes en Majesté is on until June 19 2011.  About 40 trone chairs from around the world are on display in the Grands Appartements of the palace.  They come from the Vatican, the forbidden city of Pekin, the royal residences of Madrid, Warsaw, etc; with historical trone chairs such as those of king Dagobert, Napoleon I,  Louis XVIII, and the one of Pope Pie VII with seat from old civilisations such as the Tainos indian of the Caribbean, Africans, Chinese or Thais.

You can purchase special items just for this occasion at the boutique store of the palace here

The official webpage for the event in English is at

The official page for the Chateau de Versailles is at

The castle was active and brilliant as ever on my day, not too crowded, easy moving in and out, I went early in the morning after my walk went in for the exhibition. I must say I am a regular here and help in many activities related to the palace.

The most beautiful castle in the world; Versailles, a dream , a fairytale, a must to visit while in France. Hope you enjoy the visit. Cheers!


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