Some news from France XXVIIII

Ok so it seems the cold spell has come back, temps in the single digits again and not too much sun; oh well officially winter is until March 21th but not exact science. However,again Meteo France predicts temps in the high digits by end of month up to 16°C and sunny days.

Parking a car in Paris will be more expensive. Not only all the laws to make the use of the car less viable will be hit with another downer, higher parking fees. Eventually it will be a city of like London with area congestion fees and all, lol!!! and I love my car, will be in by the Tour Eiffel tomorrow mornings.  The hourly charges of 3,60€ already in the districts/arrondissements Ier, IIe, and parts of the VIIIe, IXe, XVIe , XVIIe with the highest charges in Paris will be extended to the totality of the first 7 arrondissements 1-7. In  Montmartre, the north of the  XIIIe and great part of the XIIe.  will have the rates increase from 1,20 €, to  2,40 € !. The arrondissements XVe, XIXe and XXe  will remain at 1,20 € per hour.

The before mention chateau in my blog Chantilly after some renovations will reopen its season of events. The Grandes Ecuries have all been redone its roofs to the original designs from 1721. The jardin a la Anglaise or English garden will continue to have renovation work done until 2012 , and the oldest section in the castle dating from 1718 the Salon de la Musique has been entirely renovated to its origins. All ready for the event Les Feux de Chantilly next June 17-18. webpage for the castle

If you want to be close to Spain in Paris, then one of the best in town is the El Burro Blanco or the white donkey at 79 rue  du Cardinal Lemoine 75005. richly decorated in one of the oldest buildings in the district, live dancing and flamenco music very good. webpage here .Another typical that sponsors soccer/football team in corporate league in Paris and sports TV of games in a popular area and one of my favorites is Toro Borracho or drunken bull ! 90 Rue de Charonne 75011. webpage is here .For the authentic outside of Spain you wont go wrong/ Enjoy y olé olé and olé.

Some of the pros and cons of living in Paris was shown in the French magazine Nouvel Observateur TV guide current issue 19-26 Mars 2011.  First the good reasons to stay, 1) a rich cultural fire power, 2) stay away from me city attitude that is their right, 3) Love is in the air, the city of lovers and romanciers. Now the good reasons to leave the city, a) leave an expensive apartment loaded with businesses all around you.b) leave the noice and pollution, c) totally disconnected from nature all cement and stone.  There this is from the Parisiens so what about you?

Something jazzy how about Scott Hamilton at the Caveau de la Huchette,5 rue de la Huchette 75005 March 21 and 23 from 22h for 1à-14€ admission. Their webpage

Musée des Arts Décoratifs has an exhibition until May 8, 2001 of wooden toys over the times good for kids, call “Vilac 100 ans de jouets en bois”  Webpage

Also until May 8 2011 at the musée Jeu de Paume on the jardin des Tuileries, there is an exposition entitled ” Sociéte Réaliste Empire State Building” . webpage

For something different to do in Paris ,why not a visit to the museum of the Police, Musée de la Police, it is located in the hote de la police of the 5éme  arrondissement , 4, rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève fourth floor, and started there by commissaire Lépine in 1909 . It traces the history of the Paris police from the 17C to our days. It is open Mondays to Fridays from 9h -17h, Saturdays from 10h-17h  and from April 2nd will be from 10h30 to 17h30 . The police webpage for the prefect is in French but has more info,

To speak about wines, my favorite subject well a young men from Bordeaux has just created a site for socialising all the wine lovers as well as winegrowers to come and mingle together,  Vivre le Vin or enjoy the wine  this is the webpage

And speaking of wines, do not forget the VINEXPO again this year from June 19-23  at Bordeaux of course! The international date for wine lovers all over the world. There are for the trade pros but if you make arrangement with your local distributor they can provide an access badge ::) . The webpage

Before that here is another good I wont missed it for the world, the Le Salon de La Revue du vin de France, at the Bourse de Paris, Palais Brongniart, metro Bourse on May 14-15 2011, 10h-19h about 250 winegrowers from the best in France will be there as well as some internationals. This event is sponsored by the magazine of which I am a subscriber and there is a link in my blogroll at the bottom. You can charge your pass online so ready when in Paris in those days;  Anyway webpage here,billetterie-salon-rvf-2011,12836,1117341.asp

Tonite is France vs Wales in VI Nations rugby for the honor as neither can win the tournament. Real Madrid has advance to the quarterfinals of the League of Champions and will play next Tottenham Spurs next April 5 and 13 with Real Madrid playing away on the 13 and home on the 5th. European Nations qualifiers coming are  Spain vs Czech Republic on March 25th and Lithuania on the 29th. France vs Luxembourg and Croatia respectively on same dates.

Have a great rest of weekend everybody Cheers ::)

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