Some news from France XXVIII

ok so spring is in the air temps today of 17°C very nice with a tad of sun coming out. Time to do some gardening in my free afternoon. Cut some pine trees along my fence given to the forest! Its great to have this weather again. And it will be like this for the next few days.

Tonite big match Real Madrid vs O Lyon in the Champions league,(Canal+ 20h45) be there for sure! The Real Madrid needs to finally get by the eight finals of the competition and their nemesis lately Lyon is lurking on. They  have a goal advantage away goal and playing at home in Madrid so no excuses. WE WON 3X0!!! and advance to quarter finals Yes!!!

There is an expo Vision d’Egypt at the Bibliothéque Nationale  salle Richelieu ,until June 5 2011. The Egyptian art and Arab art on display by the collection of Emile Prisse d’Avennes.  He became an egyptologue ,archeologist, and ethnology expert with special interest in Egypt where he spent two tours one in 1827 to 1844, and another from 1858 to 1860.  Library located at rue de Richelieu, best metro quatre septembre or Bourse line 3.

We are doing gaufres for tonite, the wife that is ::) these little mouthful are hard to find in Paris but a favorite of the family. You need to go in Paris to Angelina, Carette or l’Avant Comptoir  to find some good ones, and then home made are still better. Other good ones are found at Coupole (75014) ,and L’Absinthe, and au Pain Quotidien in Paris. And the famous one with the vanilla from Madagascar and special of the Nord, Lille to be exact has come to Paris, Meert, 16, rue Elzévir, 75003  Tél. +33  01 49 96 56 90. this is the webpage to entice you to taste

Some new French expressions to note and it changes with the times always ,really so you thought you knew French huh, n’est pas ce pas vrai mes amis ::)  When we say  Avoir la Barry White (is to have the voice coerse the next morning of partying) , and Se faire flûter (is to be abuse of you make a fool of you), Bling, à composer ( create something  chic),  Un lieu surstaffé (there is nobody but clients), Baronner (to tell the verbs derive from the place you frequent), Le triple off (you are more off than off the record or way off), and Avoir une vitalité hybride (to have multiple love relationships). cheers ::)

Madrid is expanding its metro system , the Line 2 passing by my old neighborhood has grown with four more stations reaching Las Rosas ! including La Almudena, Alsacia,Avenida de Guadalajara, and Las Rosas see the metromadrid webpage

The situation in Japan is uncertain too many media talking and too many reports, but the nuclear thread is real. France has reinforce its security measures but another media rethoric, the incident is in Japan. Sarkozy is losing ground in the next elections, so anything goes. Now even the son of Khadafy the Lybian dictator is claiming he provided campaign funds to Sarkozy, what a shame if found to be true.

this month the bullfight season opens in Spain, those matadores ahead are José Tomás, El Juli, Juan Mora ,and Morante de la Puebla. olé.

Eurostar will open reservation for the London Olympic games from end of June 2011.

The world tourist fair open today at Porte de Versailles everything you want to know about tourism is here at the No 1 in the world France !

A new concept in hostals is already open in Paris, St Christopher’s  with plans for a brasserie restaurant by the Rotonde de la Villette in July/August next and another hostal by Gare du Nord planned, webpage for the current place by the Canal de la Villette rue de Crimée is here

Well until we read again ,stay safe and happy rest of the week, spring is in the air Cheers!

ps add on to my comments, I find it hard to believe that trying to write entries and found no pictures ,I dont like to do that but…Lately in doing my posts I realised my photos for Beauregard castle, Rambouillet, Tours ,and Geneva, Switzerland are no where to be found at home….well maybe do the post and found the excuse to go back and revisit these places huh…Lol! Great idea.

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