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March 12, 2011

Beauregard, portrait of illustres

Well need to tell you about this castle of Beauregard, the name says it all beau=beautiful regard=looks or beautiful looks. I cant find my photos which after so many sometimes happenned lol!

One curious castle on my way from  Blois to Cheverny (which will come with photos ::)) I stopped by this castle on the road D956 out of Blois direction Cheverny,Bourges etc. It is secluded in a deep forest off a narrow tree line road at the village of Cellettes ;of course you need a car to come here.  From Paris on the autoroute A10 and get off at exit/sortie 17  at Blois, go thru city center on avenue de Chateaudun then right at rue Denis Papin cross bridge pont Jacques Gabriel hit the avenue Wilson same continuation is road D956 direction Cheverny , about halfway once out of Blois and Cheverny you will see on panel to make you turn right into the Chateau de Beauregard. Go on the narrow tree line road to the castle on the left before castle there is open air free parking.  The official webpage is with official info in several languages at

The castle is from the 16C king François I gave it to his uncle, le Grand Batard Réné de Savoie, half brother of his mother Louise de Savoie. In 1545AD Jean du Thier, secretary of State for king Henri II takes over and embellished the castle. In 1617 AD Paul Ardier tresorier of king Henri IV buys the castle and creates the famous galerie des Illustres. Richelieu at this time comes to stay here with his muskeeteers, then in 1655 knig Louis XIV visit the castle. In the 18C the castle is sold and bought several time until in 1925 its purchased by the actual owners, the countess Alain du Cheyron du Pavillon.

You will see outside the gardens, the orangerie,the garden of portraits ( in the middle of the English garden 12 gardens of different color plants representing a personage inside the castle) , and the chambre des Parrotias!

Inside,you will entered by the antichambre a la machoire de baleine, or the right jaw of a whale trophy of one of the owners of the castle brought back from the Canadian north in the 18C, you follow into the parquet floor a la Dutch with clock cabinet done in Amsterdam, showing seconds,date,months,monthly activity, and the day and the god that is link, the boats move in direction of the balancier, its bell can play 6 different songs.

Then you head for the Galerie des Illustres or gallery of the famous, 26 meters long ( 86 ft) by 6 meters wide (20 ft) put together in the first half of the 17C the most important collection of portraits known in Europe. 327 portraits on its walls of the famous. You start seeing it by the end wall on the king Philippe VI and continues to the king Louis XIII or about the years 1328 to 1643AD. You have kings of France,political figures of the kingdom,European leaders, all with dates and names under their names. The gallery is covered with earthenwares from Delft. It is impressive sorry for the photo it will come.

The galerie Sud,its the old library of the castle ,here you have objects d’arts, tapestries, and paintings as well as furniture. you follow into the very nice Cabinet des Grelots, a study room with woods from 1554AD in golden oak. The same artist Scibec de Carpi who did the galerie Francois I at Fontainebleau. The ceilings are all squares of rich wood with motifs in gold. The paintings shows different aristocratic activities such as music,weapons depot,hunting,jeu de paume, sculpture, jewerlers, literature,war, and paintings.

From here you entered the kitchen or Cuisine, with two chimneys, a little one for the making of bread ,and the bigger one for cooking wild animals. It is still completely equipped to do all this today. The floor is a bit tilted to allow the water to run into the sewers. At the main table it is shown items of cooking at the time. There is an oven in copper from the 19C/ This kitchen was still in daily use until 1969. From here you go to see the gardens.

The regional area tourist official webpage is

The area of the Loire it seems to me has more castles then homes lol! I have seen so many but there are still many to see. And bring photos ::)

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