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March 11, 2011

Some news from France XXVI

Here we are just in front of another nice weekend, cool but sunny and pleasant all over. Temps are going back up, from 3°C to 16°C with some rainy days and some sunny days, so be prepared with rainjackets… I was on the 19éme arrondissement yesterday near Villette and it was wonderfully sunny and pleasant, the winter is leaving us and Paris is awake ::)

The big news around Paris is that another tower is in the making, with views over Paris from the 13éme arrondissement.  Its going to be not far from the Bibliothéque Nationale . The tower will have 180 meters high( 594 ft) and will be done by end 2013. It will have 44 floors ,and between 60-70K sq meters surface. The transportation in the area will be cover by the enlargement of the Tramway T3 , the extension of the metro line 10, and 14, plus an additional automatic metro line entering into the project Grand Paris. This is the most advance project in terms of finishing but there are other projects in the works such as in the quartier or neighborhood Batignolles in the heart of the 17éme arrondissement a tower of 180-200 meters will house the main judicial court or the “Tribunal de Grande Instance” and the Police, all pending choosing architect and dates. The same noises are heard about the project tower or Tour Triangle  in the 15éme arrondissement near porte de Versailles.  It will be all in glass and metal with a height of 180-200 meters too. The Grand Paris is a government project with the ministry of culture to enhance Paris in the 21C, the official site in French is at

You probably have heard the cost of gasoline/diesel is going up, well everywhere ,but here it was high already historically because of higher taxes, now is going thru the roof.  The regular gas SP95 octane has average 1,50 € per liter (about USGallon 7.71 USdollar). My diesel or gazole consumption has going up in a few months from 1,12e per liter to the current 1,33€ per liter or about 6.84 USdollar per US gallon( poor folks in Florida alarming because over there is about 2,49 for regular gasoline lol!!). The increase in car pooling has already seen a 16% raise in the last month.

The 4th adventure of Astérix and Obélix the French series that created a park a la Disney is coming out in october 17, 2012, entitled “God Save Britannia”. The actors playing the movie will be Edouard Baer and Gérard Depardieu for the two main characters invented by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Catherine Deneuve  will play the queen of England, Fabrice Luchini will be Julius César, as well as Valérie Lemercier,the Québec born  Charlotte Le Bon, Guillaume Gallienne and Vincent Lacoste will be part of the team for the movie;heavy hitters here !

Many activities around PARIS for the Saint Patrick Irish celebration on March 17.  You can see my entry Expats in Paris for many pubs where the best action will be here

The Palais de Tokyo is undergoing renovation and wont open completely until 2012 you can read at official webpage in English

A resto to check out in my business area La Defense just up on metro line 1 and the ave Champs Elysées, La Boutarde,  4, rue Boutard, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. Tél. +33 01 47 45 34 55. open every day except Saturday midday and Sundays. Behind is Michel Rostang in the cuisine ! try the formule for 28€ includes entrée, plat, and dessert! great with the brandade de cabillaud or the crêpes Suzettes!

One classic place already mentioned in my blog the Grand Palais has an exposition call «Nature et idéal : le paysage à Rome; 1600-1650, Carrache, Poussin, le Lorrain», or nature and ideal the passage by Rome years 1600-1650AD with great arts until june 6th,

We have great pleasant surprises in the European Champions league as both Tottenham Spurs and Schalke 04 advance to the quarter finals. Two teams that are fairly ever there beat teams with more pedigree such as AC Milan and Valencia. Also, advancing were Barcelona, and Shaktar Donetz of Ucrania. The remaining four will be decided march 15:16 of which the favorites to advance are Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

Les Grandes Eaux Musicales will be at the Chateau de Versailles this year from April 2 to October 30 ,2011. See it all at the castle events webpage

Have a great weekend everyone,Cheers.

ps. My thoughts and prayers for the people of Japan hit by a horrible earthquake 8,8 magnitude.

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