Conciergerie, more than a queen’s prison

There is a very austere building in along the river Seine in Paris, that is very well known for its tower and clock. One of the highlights of your visit to Paris, a must to see.  The Conciergerie, its the remains of the Palais de la cité or the old royal power center from the 10C to the 14C. It is located along the quai de l’Horloge in district 75001. Converted to a prison since 1370 AD by king Charles V. Get there on metro Cité line 4.

The prison was in the ground floor level along the quai de l’Horloge street, and one of its most famous resident was queen Marie Antoinette. The tower where she served, was considered as the room before death in its time.  The guardian was called the concierge, for the prison and all prisoners needs, it is probably why we call today the Concierge of the hotels for similar purposes.

Inside you have the Salle des gardes,built around 1310AD for the room of the guards, at ground floor before reaching the Grand Salle, then follow the Grand des Gens d’Armes,the biggest room of medieval decor in Europe, with measurement of 64 meters long, 27,5 meters wide ,and 8,5 meters high (feets are 211 x91 x 28) built between 1302 and 1313AD. The square building done under Jean II for the kitchens, then the Tour d’Horloge or clock tower of 47 meters high (155 ft) that welcome by 1370AD the first public clock in Paris.  The rue de Paris name after the personage that visited the prisioners along the ground floor, then the Grand Preau or small inner garden , the main central hall, the cour des femmes or woman court another garden bordering the king’s chamber that a favorite promenade of the ladies. Le bureau du Greffier is the record of all prisioners that entered the prison upon arrival sort of like a registry, then the Salle de la toilette, where all prisioners were taken off of their personal belonging, and haircuts, before been taken to the cour de mai and taken in chariots to the final execution site. The small royal chapel or petite chapelle des girondins whre the deputies of the Gironde were taken to be executed during the French revolution.  You see the first cell where Marie Antoinette was kept as well as the second and last cell where she spent her time before execution.

A small section of the Conciergerie is kept as a transit point for prisioners today at 3 quai de l’Horloge.  It is open everyday from 9h30 to 18H,general adult admission is 7€, with family discount.  You can buy a combine ticket with the Sainte Chapelle for 11€.

The official webpage under monuments nationales can be translated also into Spanish and English ,and it is at . The Paris tourist office is at ; and the official public transportation site for the Paris region is at

I was just around there yesterday but again photos are in need of been taken ::)

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