Tour Montparnasse at Paris

So  I am on a roll and this is the other tower of Paris, yes,there is another one very famous, call Eiffel, this is the other one Tour Montparnasse, right by the train station, transport hub of Montparnasse. Amazing again my office is across the street, been here ,but not too many photos, goes to show you, sometimes we do not know what we have ::)

Some numbers at you, work finally began end of 1969 and lasted until end of 1972. It took the destruction of the old train station, and foundation work took away much of the concrete around it with the construction of 56 pillars or columns of 70 meters deep( 231 ft). All needed to support a weigh of 115K tons!  The metro structures were surrounded by walls of concrete in the middle of 2,3 hectares or 5.7 acres. The tower is 209 meters high (690 ft) and has  58 floors of 2,000 m2 each. It is capped by a terrace on the 59th floor with a magnificent view of Paris. It ,also, count with a shopping center of 5 floors located between the tower and rue de Rennes including a Galerie Lafayette store; the basement has an excellent underground parking space.

It is located in the quartier Necker in Paris 15éme arrondissement., the 6éme is surrounded it as well as the 14éme fittingly call the quartier Montparnasse of which the tower takes its name. It is separated by the train station by simple place Raoul Doutry, and has many transportation lines including a TGV, regular SNCF trains, metro station Montparnasse-Bienvenue on lines 4,6;12;and 13. Many bus lines criss cross it like lines 92,94,96, and 28,58, and others. parking by car is best at Maine TGV parking garage.

The only spaces open to the public are floor 56 and the terrace at floor 59. In the 56 floor there is a wonderful restaurant call Ciel de Paris which you entered it by 23 avenue du Maine, and the webpage is here , of course is good food but the view is better in my opinion. The tour entrance is at 33 avenue du Maine. There is also a cafe both(resto ciel de paris)  are claiming to be the highest in Europe. The 56 floor is all enclosed heated and cool yeararound convenient to see the best sights in Paris, and the view is superb!

You have all the latest information in its official webpage in English here

Some observation , the best times are between opening 9h30 and before lunch or mornings to see clear, the most romantic times are just before closing by 22h-23h (10-11 pm). Try to avoid the Friday afternoons evenings as for happy hour on the tower it is very popular especially if coming with family.  As I sometime been on it, if you are on business or plan business meetings in Paris,try to get a room here for it or convince your company to hold it here, the views are superb ,very private, and great service pros to attend you, the site for that is here

The area around has plenty of eateries, and bars, too numerous really as over the years it has been my second home. For italian and pizzas try Pizza Pino ,webpage here If you want the original breton crepes then head for Creperie Josselin, 67 rue du Montparnasse, metro edgar quinet line 6. menus from 10€ and deco a la Breton, very popular its always full. Some exotic try a cigar and mojito ,and salsa at Cubana Cafe, 47 rue Vavin, metro Vavin, line 4 with webpage If you want the tequila sunrise in Paris and great Mexican try Hacienda del Sol (owner chef from Durango but closed) ,157 bd du Montparnasse, metro Vavin line 6 or RER B Port Royal, evenings only, the lunch need advance reservation for groups. Very reasonable formules are proposed at Millesime 62, 13 place de Catalogne,webpage here .For ambiance Jazz and great nights of mine for several years ; try Le Petit Journal, 13, rue du Commandant Rene Mouchotte, webpage here . Cafe de la Marine, 59 bd du Montparnasse, great selection of beers for a happy hour or just chat with friends, good views of the plaza in front,webpage

Enjoy the neighborhood, a la Breton is better ::) Cheers




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