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February 27, 2011

Paris, Museum of Cluny

This is a very historical museum , it is old, going back to the foundation of Paris. Over the years I heard many talk about it, but when in the museum, the crowds were minimum at the least. It should have more visits.

The museum is formally known as the Musée National du Moyen Âge, however is most popular known as the musée de Cluny. It is located in Paris 5éme arrondissement or 75005 in the heart of the Quartier Latin, at 6 Place Paul Painlevé, along the rue du Sommerard. Metro Cluny La Sorbonne line 10 or bus Nos.

The buildings are from an old abbey of the 13C enlarged over the years.  It was nationalised during the French revolution, and finally in 1832 purchase by Alexandre Du Sommerard to bring his collections ,however in 1833 he sold to the State,and named him the first conservator of the museum. In it ,there are Roman thermes or spas dating from the 1C  AD.  The total surface is about 3500 sq meters of which 2000 sq meters( 21 520 sq ft) are in collections numbering 23 000 but only 2300 shown to the public. The items dates from the Gaulist Roman period to the 16C AD.

Some of the items shown are , in the gallo roman spas like the column of Nautes restore in 2003.  Roman sculptures as well as Gothic, in stone and wood from the 12C to early 16C  coming from the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris but also from Germany , Low Countries, Spain, Italy  as well as others. There are about 70 tapestries including the famous La Dame à la Licorne, and stained glass fragments especially from the Sainte Chapelle. About 50 lamps, close to 300 ivories dating from antiquity to the Middle Ages , as well as painting from the school of France, England, Germany, Spain, Flemish from the  14C to the 16C. Pieces of goldsmith and silversmith of relics and enamel de Limoges plus jewerly . Weapons and armory from the wars of old , and objects of every day life as well as furniture, toys etc.

You are in a nice area but  heavily frequented by many, very popular and prices to match. One of the historical nice is Bouillon Racine, there since 1906, and still serving great roast suckling pig or the saukraut with pork cook with beer, and the onion soup!  webpage in English at  For a ligher meal and budget go to La Créperie de Cluny at 20 rue de la Harpe, webpage here .  For some rock music and good beers, with a nice view, and ambiance , go to La Taverne de Cluny, same street as the crêperie above, and weppage

The museum is a member of the association of Clunicien sites, webpage in English here,

The official site of the museum in English is at , it can,also , be read in Spanish.

Hope you enjoy the trip, it is worth a detour I am sure. Cheers.

February 27, 2011

Some news from France XXII

Another Sunday and ready for the start of a new week.  The Mister Winter is coming back with temps from 0°C to 9°C thru March 8th. by wednesdays winds of up to 48 km/hr will make the windchill factor lower temps even more. So if coming in then bring layers of clothings to keep warm. Per Meteo France predictions of course.

The group ACCOR hotels has an increase in its sales volume in 2010 vs 2009 due to high and middle hotel revenues,so where is the crisis ??? 3.6 millions gain in 2010!!!

Sabotage in the TGV line to Chambery caused 30 000 to be delay up to 6 hrs for their winter vacation on the line from Paris Gare de Lyon. The cables that feed electricity were cut with a saw, investigation in France undergoing.

The Césars are in ,the best films in France, the winners are numerous but the main winners were for Best film,   <Des Hommes et des Dieux>from Xavier Beauvois, talks about French monks killed in Algeria while doing a good cause. Best Actress ,Sara Forestier in <Le nom des gens>. Best actor, Eric Elmosnino in < Gainsbourg (vie héroîque)>. Best foreign film ,<The Social Network> (USA) by David Fincher. An honorary César was given to American producer Quentin Tarantino.

Bars in Paris with a game in mind, I try myself the pool table at Café Germain, at 25, rue de Buci (75006). Tél. +33 01 43 26 02 93 ; after a nice dinner go up to first floor for a game of pool with web but metro Mabillon line 10 just over blvd St Germain. For ping pong or table tennis head for Derrière, 69, rue des Gravilliers (75003). Tél. +33 01 44 61 91 95. At the end of the pub/resto you have a nice table to play after your dinner or drinks. metro Arts et Métiers, line 3,11;just off rue de Turbigo. If you like poker, a fad nowdays in France, go to Murano,13, boulevard du Temple (75003).Tel, +33  01 42 71 20 00; at the end of the bar behind thick curtains you have three tables set up for the game. This is ,also, a hotel by the way, which I have not tried. webpage

In the VI Nations rugby tournament France lost to England 9 x 17 at Twickenham, England. So winning the tournament will be difficult if not impossible now. Next up is vs Italy and will finish vs Wales at home.  Official webpage for the tournament,

From April 28 the musée de Cluny will show an exhibition on the sword in history, call L’épée, usages, mythes, et symboles or The sword,uses,myths, and symbols. webpage in French,

From April 5th, the Musée d’Orsay will have an exhibition on “Manet inventeur du moderne” or Manet the inventor of modernism. info on webpage[tt_news]=27127&no_cache=1

The Musée Jacquemart-André will have from March 25, and exposition on “Dans l’intimité des fréres Caillebotte, peintre et photographe” The intimate paintings and photos of the brothers Caillebotte. webpage for info,

The Cinémathèque Française will pay tribute to Stanley Kubrick, from March 23rd. This is at rue de Bercy, Metro Bercy lines 6 and 14, official webpage

At Carré de la Farine, in the marché Notre Dame of Versailles, there will be an exhibition on New York,jardin Majorelle,from April 18. You enter by the rue de la Paroisse on the first floor.this is a gallery showing  artist  Chantal Cavanna; webpage

In Lille ,museum of fine arts or musée-Palais des Beaux-Arts, This is one of the premier museum in France, near our family of the Ch’tis ::) Place de la Republique metro line 1. You will see a nice exhibition on Velazquez, Ribera, and Giordano, from March 11, webpage

In my other family ways cathars country in Castres, you will see the museum/Musée of Goya, showing Baroque des Andes, with paintings and objects from Argentina, Peru ,and Bolivia, from March 18. Webpage It is in the same building as the hotel de ville govt office.

Closer to me in the Musée Condé,Chateau de Chantilly, you have an exhibition call ” Les Clouet de Catherine de Médicis. Portraits dessinés de la cour des Valois” or painting and dessigns done by Clouet for the queen in her court. It will be in the Galerie des Cerfs. From March 23 2011; webpage

I just sawed this and its unbelievable gorgeous, if you are looking for a spa in Paris then try the Institut Dior spa at the hotel Plaza Athénée,webpage with all info here

And we just had a couple of wonderful trips into the country side south of us, going again to Maintenon, Epernon, and Monfort l’Amaury areas. La vie est belle en France ::) Cheers.

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