Invalides and Ecole Militaire

I will put these two together because they both have military backgrounds. They are icons of a great Paris history, and great areas to be visiting.  It is ,also, a very popular area with visitors and locals alike.

A bit of orientation, the Invalides and école militaire are in arrondissement or district 7, postal code 75007. They are within walking distance of each other, with many metro lines around them. école militaire is line 8, and La Motte Grenelle is nearby in line 6. The invalides are closer on Varennes line 13 or La Tour Maubourg ,line 8 or Invalides line 13. The official Paris transport site will help you ,

The Invalides were ordered built by king Louis XIV in 1677 to helps the handicapped soldiers returning home, most of them veteran of the War of  30 years. The architecture in the central courtyard especially takes queue from the El Escorial near Madrid,Spain. A church inside is ,also,done from 1676, Church of Saint Louis. During the French revolution it was a group of invalids or handicapped soldiers who open the gates so the crowd armed themselves for the struggle to follow. All inside was taken, and the halls and chapels rename with republican names. It was here in 1804, that the first medal of honor were given out by Napeleon I. There is a statue of him here since 1911. Today the Invalides still has wounded handicapped soldiers residing. It ,also, has museum of the Army since 1905. The place guard a host of military figures interned there, such as the heart of Vauban, and Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, the author of the Marseillaise, and Napoleon I since 1840.The museum of the order of liberation as well as the museum of  Contemporary History ,and a multimedia space in memory of Charles de Gaulle are house here. All detail information is in the official webpage for it here ,you can turn it to English once maintenance is finish.

The école militaire is that, a military school of the highest officers for the French armed forces.  For doing something bigger than his predecessor, king Louis XV has a school for the military built, however, due to his many wars, and not enough money, the project is slowly done until it finally opens in 1756 with 200 students!  On July ,1768, the king comes to lay the first stone for the chapel of Saint Louis ,and the facade we see today, and finally the whole project is finished in 1780.  The school did not outlast its creator and in 1787 it closed. During the French revolution, it was completely ransacked, and it was not until 1878 that the Superior school of military officers is installed, and in 1911 the officers school is open.  The castle inside of it give its notes to the Louvre in architecture and on the central courtyard was the accusation and exonoration of Captain Dreyfus.  There is ,also, a chapel Saint Louis inside given to religious cult since 1952 richly decorated.  Some of the schools there now are the IHEDN (institut des hautes etudes de defense national), CHEM (centre des hautes etudes militaire), institut de recherche strategiques de l’école militaire, the ecole de guerre or war school,  DICoD (delegation à l’information et la communication a la defense , and premiere base de soutien au commandement.  This site show you in French the chapel Saint Louis, ,and the chorale of the school that perform on many activities of the chapel (in French)

You have many nice buildings and walks to do in this area, including climbing the UNESCO building for its cafe and great views of Paris. Going to the Seine river, you will have gorgeous views on the river and across the Grand and Petit Palais.

The resto 7vin at 68 ave Bosquet is wonderful and one of my favorites that I go again several times, webpage . Another is Cafe de l’Esplanade, 52 rue Fabert ,no web tel +33 01 47 05 38 80. very easy to find just by the place d’invalides across from it ::) , and Chez Francoise inside the Air France aerogare ,French at its best, webpage The Le Roussillon, 186 rue de Grenelle, a bit business but you can go in too, and great drinks with good selection of beers and wines, its a bar. no web, tel +33 01 45 51 47 53, cant missed between the two buildings.

Hope you enjoy it and do come over is a great Paris area and two wonderful institutions.



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