Madrid, Puerta del Sol y Cibeles

Let finish our walk thru the plazas of Madrid , the wonderful exhuberant feeling of been with history, old but nice ,and modern at the same time. The places that tick and tickle your fancy when visiting any place. Madrid is a mouthful in itself.

I like to talk about the center of it all, the historical center at Puerta del Sol. Every new years celebration its marked here like a god,and goddess , when Christmas comes it is sublime, and any other time is wonderfully refreshing. Puerta del Sol, just the name it means Madrid, the “gateway to the sun”. The square or plaza marks the eastern entrance to the city, and in the 19C was turn into what it is today. The square is shape like a half moon,along you see the big brick building that was the city’s post office built in the 1760’s (Casa de Correos), and in 1847 became the HQ of the Ministry of the Interior or security police. In 1866 a clocktower was added, that still mark the time for the traditional 12 grapes at New Years’ time! It is today part of the regional government buildings. You have the marker for kilometer zero where all distances in Spain are measure. You should look for the Madroño, the symbol of Madrid, the big strawberry tree with the bear leaning on it. Outside you have the equestrian statue of king Carlos III done in 1994!  In june 2009 a new transport hub was finished underground making it the biggest in the world with 28 meters deep, 207 meters long and 20 meters wide. Its lobby area has 7500 m². The entrance is like an igloo given it a very modern outlook.   You reach here on metro lines 1,2,3 and cercanias or suburbian trains C3 and C4 .

We go over along Gran Via and Calle de Alcala towards the Plaza de Cibeles, where the fountain of Cibeles is located. Walking this arteries is like living well in Madrid, the road street of Gran Via done in 1910 has the heart and soul of Madrid. Take a look at the Edificio Metropolis,and the Telefonica building done in 1929 and the first skyscraper in the city. All this before you reach Cibeles. One of the most beautiful and for me of greater meaning as it is here that the famous Real Madrid FC celebrates its victories with the fans, and celebrate it has done more than any other team in Europe or the World pershaps.  The nights coming over to enjoy in the celebration still is a great feeling to me. Cibeles or Cybil is the greco-roman goddess of nature, she is shown seating in ther chariot drawn by a pair of lions built in 1777-1782.  Here at its western side begins calle Alcala, my street where I lived four years.

Enjoy the walks there are sublime,and will bring you closer to the city and its people, the Madrileños are very social, friendly and party hardy ::)


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  1. Un articulo muy bien redactado, me gusta mucho esta pagina web, Sigue escribiendo!.

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