Paris, the other Churches

Well its Sunday so a good day to tell about some other Paris churches, some well-known other less known all wonderful places to know about the history and beauty of Paris.

I lost count how many churches are in Paris,you have them all from sort of denominations. Other than the two I have written about, Notre Dame de Paris,and Sacre Coeur, the ones that I like will be discussed briefly here today.

First is the Eglise de Saint Augustin, 8 ave Cesar Caire, 75008, (pl St Augustin) close to the train station of Gare Saint Lazare. The official webpage is here  built between 1860-1871 under the direction of Victor Baltard (same as les Halles, and other metallic structures in France)  in the district of Little Poland. The metallic material used was the first in Europe, and the church measure 100 meters long (330 ft) ,and it dome rises 80 meters high (264 ft). It wonderful organ was one of the first to incorporate electricity in its movement,and great concerts are held here.  Reach here on foot from gare st lazare or metro St Augustin line 9.

The église de la Trinité, place d’Estienne d’Orves, 75509, almost tuck right behind from the galerie lafayette on Haussmann; metro  Trinité d’Estienne-d’Orves line 12. The official webpage is at . built bet 1861-1867, consecrated in 1913.  It is 90 meters long (297 ft) with 30 meters high with a bell tower of 65 meters high (214.5 ft). The funeral of Hector Berlioz are held here in 1869. The church occupies the site of an old restaurant called Le Grande Pinte. It was built to have in view the Opéra Garnier, and it has a stable of the Ten Commandant inside, and it ,also, has a great organ with great concerts held.

The American Cathedral of Paris, its a wonderful church where many events are held for which I go sometimes ::) , it is located in a chic area at 23 ave George V, 75008, metro Alma-Marceau line 9or George V line 1. The official webpage in English is here . The church of episcopal/Anglican orientation was consecrated in Thanksgiving day of 1886 coinciding with the dedication in New York of the Statue of Liberty.

The église St Germain l’Auxerrois, 2 place du Louvre ,75001. You guess it ,its right at the end of the Louvre museum. metro Louvre/Rivoli line 1. The official webpage is at . The first church here was destroyed in 885 AD by the Norman invasion, then rebuilt in the 11C in parts until finally done around 1580AD.  Closed during the French revolution it was not reopened again until 1802. The exterior has statues in the central door area of the Virgin and the child Jesus, at each side on the left are  Salomon,the queen of Saba, and Saint Vincent, and on the right ,Saint Germain, Sainte Geneviève and an angel.   Inside you have chapels done by Le Brun (the great original of castles ,an architect), including an organ coming from the Sainte Chapelle. The church is richly decorated inside, and many of the artists that came to the Louvre are buried here, that is one on every Ash Wednesday a Mass is held on their honor here.  I do come here often, and my father is care for when needed at the clinic next to it.

The église de la Madeleine,  place de la Madeleine,75008. metro Madeleine,line 12 and 14. official webpage here together with St Eustache is a center of marvelous concerts with its fine organ .Little record of the old church only that from 1492 there is a church here, the marvel that we see today took its first stone steps in 1659. It was considered to small and simple to a bigger church was design by 1754; the king Louis XV pose the first stone on the new church in 1763. The French revolution makes it into a temple of the revolution, , and 1799 the church is destroyed;  1806 Napoleon decides to rebuilt in honor of the Grande Armée , and 1815 king Louis XVIII gives it a more solemn look in memory of those guillotine during the revolution ,change again during the July monarchy to dedicate to a reconciliation symbol, finally the church is fully open on July 24 1842 , the day of the Saint Madeleine. It is the most popular church by tourists visiting Paris, and for good reason. The door of bronze  in front was done in 1841 with dimensions even bigger than St Peters at Rome, and evoking the Ten commandment,. The interior is magnificent with the frescoes of Ziegler in the ceiling, great!  and the mosaic of Lamiére, with many chapels and sculptures of great importance.

The église Saint Eustache, 2 Impasse Saint Eustache, 75001. metro les Halles line 4. Official webpage is here . Together with Madeleine it has one of the best organ concerts venues in Paris, if you like this music then by all means try to included in your visit to Paris, the concerts can be seen here for all churches, but St Eustache is the leading one in my opinion, webpage  From 1223 AD there is a church here call St Eustache, the current one was a work of labor begun in 1532 AD to finally done it around 1633 AD. It has the biggest organ in France !!! all upgrade and renovated last in 1989! The church is 105 meters long (346.5 ft) and 43.5 meters wide at the transept plus 33 meters high.  It has long been considered a royal church because of its proximity to the Louvre, and some notables like the tombs of Colbert, Scaramouche, Rameau, and the funerals of la Fontaine, Mirabeau, and the mother of Mozart as well as the baptisms of king Louis XIV, Richelieu, and Moliére were held here. It’s a wonderful place to visit right in the middle of Paris.

This is a great site to find churches in Paris, it gives you the name, address ,description in French,and photos, webpage

Hope it helps you see some nice churches in Paris, another magical moment in the city of lights.


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