Paris museums,Archives,Luxembourg,and Grevin

These are three small museum that dont get much attention, but if you are into museum you should look into them. They are in great areas, easily accessable, and great history in each. In my times here, I have taken the time to walk,and see many museums, and I like to bring your attention to these gems that in my opinion should get more coverage.

First, let me start with the hotel de Soubise, yes thats the building where the museum of the Archives Nationale are located.  60 rue Francs Bourgeois, 75003 ,nearest metro is Rambuteau line 11. Official webpage is at

There is some movement to move this museum in its entirety to outside Paris, but in the mean time enjoy it here, its a treasure trove of documents tracing the history of France, in a beautiful building. The Hôtel de Soubise is here since 1371 AD ,of which the outpost towers given to rue Francs Bourgeois  are still from this period. In 1553, the duke of Guise purchase the building and it is here that the Catholic League held is headquarters and that cause the great massacre of St Barthelomey,that eventually make the king Henri II escape from Paris in 1588. In 1700 AD, the duke Rohan and his wife purchase the building, however at the French revolution it becomes State property. In 1808 it is officially declared the archives of the Empire, and finally in 1867 it becomes the Museum of the Archives Nationales. In a huge steel armory you can see the constitutional texts of France from 1791. As well as foreign documents and objects relating to action of government. It is amazing, and right in a popular area, you should see it.

The musée du Luxembourg are in a side street adjacent to the jardin du Luxembourg where the building of the French Senate house is located.  Located at 19 rue de Vaurigard, 75006.metro St Sulpice line 4 or RER B exit/sortie jardin du luxembourg. Official webpage is at .  It was the first museum in France open to the public in 1750 and in 1818 became the first museum to contemporary arts in France. Today is under the administration of the national museums of the Grand Palais.  It is now undergoing renovation and will be open again with the exposition of Cezanne et Paris that will take place in the Fall of 2011.

The musée Grévin, or popularly the wax museum is at 10 blvd Montmartre,75009. metro Grands Boulevards line 8,9. official webpage is at . It has been recently renovated and has about 300 wax figures inside,from Charles de Gaulle,Céline Dion, to Michael Jackson etc. The great Hall of mirrors created for the Universal Expo of 1900 is great , a display sequence of the history of France, and a great children’s corner.This place is going on since 1882, its magical inside especially if with young adults.

For reference to my metro location, the official site for transport in Paris and suburbs is RATP at webpage  . Enjoy them as much as I and my family had.


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