Some news from France XIX

Well here we are before another weekend a bit cooler.  It is now 4°C clear skies but with some fog this morning. Expecting rainy days until the 23rd with temps between the 1°C in the mornings/nights to 12°C in daytime.  It looks like we are in the Fall season and not winter thus. So bring a rainjacket,and layers.

The new vogue and after several years, is to bring on more and more speed radars and red light radars operational, however, less police on the roads. Depending mostly on road checkpoints for the police and the electronic radars. The number of death on the roads in my area has increase by 30% vs last year. So more big brother will be watching me ,you on the roads around Versailles.


radars in the Versailles/dept Yvelines area of mine

Some ideas to go out with the family and visit the museums of Paris, Centre Pompidou, place George Pompidou, 75004 will have a series of expos focusing on children, and the family ,with many shops or atelier to bring them many surprises, such as the Mondrian/Stilj, webpage  .Also, you can eat with your children with proper menus gear to them at Claude Colliot, 40,  rue des Blancs-Manteaux, webpage
Palais de Tokyo, tok tok children shops abound of Amos Gitaî, 3 ave du President Wilson, 75006.webpage ,and combine it with lunch at Tokyo Eat, inside the palais see it here
Musée du Quai Branly, offers ateliers for a tour du monde or around the world ,next is the Congo, webpage . Having lunch at Cafe Branly is sublime.
the Musée Les Arts Decoratifs, take the kids to draw animals inside a dish , the program call “Un dragon dans mon assiette”. Location 107 rue de Rivoli at the Louvre complex.webpage , and at Ferdi, 32 rue du mont thabor, with children toys on the walls, you will have a wonderful family lunch, as it is my family’s favorite too, metro Tuileries or Concorde; no  webpage, but just behind the Westin Paris Hotel, tel +33 01 42 60 82 52 .
Now soon comes March and the weather begins to change, and wine is the king in the Paris region, I always wait for this occasion as I am a wine lover/drinker/collector/connaisseur. You have one after another from biggest to smaller, The “Salon des Vins des Vignerons Independants ” where the independant winegrowers from all over France comes to Paris for tastings, and sale direct to you.  March 25-28 , 2011 at espace Champerret , a huge event wines galore and best prices buy it by the case its better ::) Admission for the General public is 6€, and you can see if the property you like is already on the agenda here,
howe to get to Espace Champerret, well its on Paris 75017 ,the congress maker VIParis webpage will tell you more about in English plus direction to get there ,but metro line 3 will bring you right across from main entrance as well as many buses such as no 84 from the Pantheon for example/ Webpage here . Bring your own bags or carriages to take the goodies, you can have car parked in the back to collect a bigger catch.
The other is more intimate that I have been going on by invitation for the last 8 years. It is at Maxim’s peniche boat of the fame Pierre Cardin group. The event is call “Saveurs et Vins sur Seine“. The dates are March 18 to 20 from 11h-22h friday, 10h to 21h saturday, and 10h to 19h sunday. Metro Bir-Hakeim and free car parking on the quais.Anchored right at Port de Suffren near the Eiffel tower,you go down the stairs to the Seine river on your left facing back the tower,and the boat is right there! two floors of goodies from wines, champa,chocolates, foie gras,cookies, cold cuts/charcuterie, oysters, prunes fruits from Agen,and cognacs all homemade stuff the real French you dream of, best gastronomy by UNESCO and its all here. These are artisans folks not your high volume sellers but the creme de la creme and well worth it, the prices are very good here at this event.  The webpage in French its here
Now something to do with finding Champagne in the Artic waters, news of a few month back and now my wine magazine La Revue des Vins de France has an excellent article on it this month. They found last July, 2010, 168 bottles of champagne in 55 meters( 181.5 ft)  of water, and were finally identify last January 14 2011. It was at Aland, a string of isles in the bay of Finland. The value was estimated at 50 000€ each!!!  the bottles are four of Heidsieck & Co, now Heidsieck & Co Monopole. 46 bottles belongs to Veuve Clicquot even those that she bottled and tasted herself!, and 95 bottles belong to Juglar, now known as Jacquesson! Voilà mystery solved.  Some of the bottles at least one has already been loan to Veuve Clicquot to display in their cellers! in Reims.
Ok signing off everybody, have a great weekend. Cheers.

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