Tour Eiffel or Eiffel Tower, the name says it all

Yes indeed the name says it all, why? it was conceded to participate in an Universal Expo to showcase the engineering values of France, just like that. However, nobody could imagine the controversies over it, and the inmense ,huge success of its future days, 122 years strong. It is without doubt the symbol of Paris,and France. I could not imagine myself the first time I told my coworkers in Florida that I was coming to Paris in 1990, they could not believe it , I need to bring them back a photo of the you guess it the Eiffel tower. I did, and it has been pasted to so many bulleting boards around offices in South Florida ever since….Lol!

Built under the leadership of Gustave Eiffel in 1889 for the Paris Universal Exposition of same year ,it is 325 meters high ( 1073 ft) with the addition of an tnt electronic TV antenna on it in 2005.  It was built in just over 2 years in a marvel of construction and engineering genious. Best way to get here is on Metro Bir-Hakeim line 6 ,and RER C Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel. The metro/bus site of Paris is

Now the tour Eiffel has 1665 steps to the top, and it has its contrictions according to the weather anywhere from 6-7 cm expand or retract; on clear days you can see as far as 67 kms ( 41.5 miles), and on the negative side it has 370 suicides so far. It is the most visited monument in France, the most visited country and Paris the most visited city according to the WTO-UN.

A bit of a description: the ground floor where the four pillars are found ,or legs of the tower; the Nord/north pillar gives access to the 3 floors of the tower by elevators, you see the statue bust of Gustave Eiffel here. A very good gathering guiding point for many in Paris visitors and locals alike is to say we will meet by the Eiffel bust area !  All will change elevator at the second floor to continue their climb. If the day is very heavy in visitors, the Ouest/west pillar is open with the same services. The pillar Sud/south give you direct access to the restaurant Jules Verne, and the Est/East pillar is reserve for those that wish to do the climbing on foot Lol!

The first floor , this one we usually visit last as we come down, unless you are those doing the climb on foot.  This floor is the biggest, housing the iron pavillion or Pavillon Ferrié  that enclosed many spaces use for expositions, cinema, restaurant (le 58 tour Eiffel)  ,stores , and a post office. You can see the hydraulic pump that push the elevators from the second floor to the top, as well as a electronic telescope . It gives a nice view of the river Seine and the Champ de Mars garden.

The second floor is a stop to eventually reach the summit, it has some animation activities here as well as the fame restaurant Jules Verne, webpage here .

The third floor, is the summit offering a beautiful panorama of Paris, you have tables showing you what to look out for and identify the different buildings below as well as the distances between the principal cities and Paris . There is a second level here , if time permit it is open, and you will see a reproduction of Gustave Eiffel office while receiving Thomas Edison!  There is now a Champagne bar here offering you the Champa with a view, very romantic ::)

The tour Eiffel is illuminated every night for a short while as the city is reducing electricity costs, but still can be seen. There are 20 000 lights shining on it each hour of the night for about 10 mins . The views are chargeable on Ipad and Iphone systems.

In order to gain access as quickly as possible it is advice to purchase your tickets in advance on the official Tour Eiffel site ,webpage .You still will need to go by security lines but the wait is much shorter. I have found over the years, and passing by it daily now, that the best times are in the mornings, and on tuesdays, thursdays, however, there are also not the best times to see Paris. The best for viewing are in the evenings around closing time, anyday of the week except weekends. For up to date hours and pricing, and any last minute closing best to check the official webpage of the Tour Eiffel here

There is plenty to see around the Tour Eiffel in Paris 7éme arrondissement, walking distances to many museums, as well as boat rides, and parks/gardens. The choices for lodging and eating out are limitless. Obviously have not stayed in a Paris hotel for years,and years, can only tell you the location choices, however ,as far as restaurants, I have many favorites over the years. Such as le 7vin, 68 rue bosquet, an old time favorite and great friendly service by owner Olivier, webpage Vin et Marée, 71 Avenue de Suffren, seafood and wine best combo, webpage , and for the wine drinker and great ambiance with 800 wins by the glass Le Vin sur Vin,20 rue de Monttessuy, no web, tel +33 01 47 05 14 20 ,and closest metro is Alma-Monceau line 9.

Hope you do make it over here, its sublime ,the tower is waiting for you !


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