Yvelines beauties and the Eure/Loir nearby

Well I am on the neighborhood so let me tell you about some beauties not too well known but wonderful properties that I have all around me.

Yvelines ,dept 78 the old Seine et Oise region is full of history,and what we have next door is wonderful ,such as the neighboring Eure et Loir dept 27 ,part of the Centre region now.

Here you have the towns of Marly-le-roi, Louveciennes, Houdan, and Anet. Its very near me so visit even on weekends just for a getaway from the city. Let me tell  you a bit of what you will find in these lovely towns.

First, Marly-le-roi, and Louvecinnes as these two share the magnificent Musée Promenade with its old machine de Marly fame.  In this historic park , the museum traces with paintings, graphic arts, sculpture, furniture, and decorated arts the history of the old royal domaine today gone.  In 1679 king Louis XIV had built in the swampy waters of Marly a fairy tale palace . This was a huge building surrounded by 12 additional smaller ones and the Grande Piéce d’eau or big lake mixing art and nature. It has the domaine at its height with collections from Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. But ,also, of personalities such as Madame Du Barry, and renown artists of the times such as Boucher, Mme Vigée-Lebrun, Ledoux etc.  Here you will discover the huge Machine de Marly, 8th wonder of the world, archeological findings in different objects from the area, a building of baths, fountains of laces to welcome carps etc; marvelous walks nowdays amongst wonders. Some of it were taken to the Louvre museum such as the horse of Marly for which the museum has a cafe name after it.  You get here by the La Grille Royale on the road N186 which on the other side of Versailles and off the autoroute A13 exit 5 dir St Germain en Laye. Public transport on the RER A from points in Paris to St Germain en Laye, then bus No 1 until Louveciennes village or from gare Saint Lazare on train to marly le roi .  Admission is only 4€ . The webpage in French is  http://www.musee-promenade.fr/

Bringing you back into the Yvelines, you have Houdan was a fortified town still visible is its Donjon or tower lookout. You can see from the top far away into the countryside and alert the town of invasions from Normandy.  First mention of Houdan in 1065 AD by Count of Amaury. Especially nice is on the third weekend of June, medieval battle scenes are re enacted around the Donjon built between 1125-1132 AD. It has one of the oldest market in France,that of Saint Matthieu done since its inception of the town in 1065. The church St Jacques et St Christophe  is  a bit from the 15C,16C,and 17C, the nave is gothic, the choir is Renaissance, as well as the abside. The organs of Houdan work of Mr. Clicquot had no modifications since its creation in 1734, considered the most authentique proof of the classic French organ ! Inside the frescoes of  Montserrat remember the pilgramige of 32 Houdanais to Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain in 1582 while the epidemics were rampant in the area . You are well fed from the market or by having lunch at Café de la Paroisse, 66 Grande Rue, city center across from the church ,tel +33  You get to Houdan from gare Montparnasse in Paris direct train.
And ,last but not least we have Anet, the Chateau d’Anet. The best way to reach it is by car, from Paris on the A13 autoroute de Normandie to exit/sortie 12 follow the signs for Dreux and continue on road D983 until Anet.  The history goes and that of France ,that Diane de Poitiers started building the chateau in 1547 while been the favorite of king Henri II. In 1566 she dies and chooses to be buried here, a chapel is built ,and she is there now. The French revolution almost destroyed the castle,and it wasnt until 1840 that five generations of the same family the Yturbe’s has maintained this beauty from contributions of visitors like us,If just to see Diane one of the heroine and intriguing personalities of France, go there. It is open from april to October 31  from 14h to 18H except Tuesdays. Then it opens from November to March from 14h to 17h only on Saturdays and Sundays. Official webpage is http://www.chateaudanet.com/ . You can eat across the street great brasserie French food and wonderful ice creams in summer at the Le Manoir d’Anet, 3 place du Chateau, webpage http://www.wix.com/lemanoir/le-manoir
Hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to my region and near wonderful places of France.

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