Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA

The name is not on anybodies travel page, nor in the main news, nor in most people’s mind. The name is of a small central New Jersey town of about 50K inhabitants right off the Raritan river,and the bay to New York city; the main corridor tri state area. However, this is where my life in the United States began as a young boy.

I had no English, no money, and only the clothings on my back. Arriving from Madrid, Spain with my mother in 1974 to reunites with my father who was already there. Quickly I went to school at McGinnis Middle School on State Street, and she went to work;within a month we were all on our way to a completely new life in a new country. The country embraces us very nicely, Perth Amboy nurtured us, feed us, taught us how nice it is to live in a democracy , learn the English language, and play baseball and soccer/football in summer leagues.

The years went by and my English improved a lot as like a native! My parents went into small businesses such as a grocery store, restaurant, Fine mens clothing store, nightclub ,and misc sundries line throughtout New Jersey and into Philadelphia ,PA. I graduated from Middle school and went on to High School, Perth Amboy Panthers !!!! I had my varsity soccer/football story,and the sneak out days, the girls, and the trips to Florida. I graduated there in June 1977 from high school. I became an American citizen in December 1980 at New Brunswick municipal courthouse, Middlesex county . Finally leaving the city for good in 1985 heading to my next step in life ,at Florida.

The city was the capital of East Jersey while the 13 colonies were around, one of the governor base at Perth Amboy was William Franklin, the son of Benjamin Franklin,who was a royalist. Te Propietary House in Perth Amboy was where he lived as governor. He was instrumental in opening Queen College (later Rutgers University) . He was arrested in 1776-78  as he was against the American independance movement, and finally was exile to Great Britain in 1782, and died there in 1813  buried at St Pancras old Church Cementary. The propietary house erected n 1762 is the only provincial governors house still standing in the USA: located at 149 Kearny Avenue, Perth Amboy. webpage

The City Hall of Perth Amboy, is the oldest continues in use city hall government building in the United STates, built during 1714-1717 or 1718.  It burn down several times and rebuilt while for a time it serves as the  Provincial Assembly . It  was in City Hall that the State of New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights. Many sections still dates from 1717 today.  You can see the history and a lot more in the city hall webpage here

The city once had a ferry service to New York city that is in the works to re established again.  You can read in the above webpage some of the historical things that was done or happenned in Perth Amboy.

The Rudyk Park complex underneath the Outerbridge bridge to Staten Island, NYC was used by many to play summer league soccer/football sometimes with as many as 40 nationalities playing!  The wonderful tennis courts by the waterfront was entertaining, and with great views of the bay of NY all in Bayview Park. It has a vibrant downtown or city center area around the Five Corners as five avenues coincide at this junction. The roads are very easy as it is at the crossroads of the NJ Turnpike, the Garden STate Parkway, and the Routes 1-9, 35, and 440.

It is now a major marina with pleasure and fishing boats docking,   Newark Liberty Internatinal airport is only about a 30 minute car ride, webpage here ;  and there is a train station to take you to New York city penn station.  Airtran public train transportation page

Amtrak train site for train travel in the US and train station in Perth Amboy at trains now stop at Iselin:  For bus connections NJTransit No 116 to NYC webpage:

The city is ,also, the gateway to the Jersey Shore area, full of beaches and history like the Bon Jovi, Bruce Springteens areas etc, lots of beautiful beaches such as Asbury Park, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, Ocean City, the Wildwoods.

For lodging in the area I have used the Holiday Inn Express Woodbridge-Avenel, 874 Rt 1 north;  webpage:

The area is full of all types of accommodations but this one I have stayed personally. As for restaurants, the old reliable still there, Portuguese Manor, as I play soccer/football with the Portuguese community there, this was an almost daily routine; and keep coming back as late as 2007.  You will be in Portugal or Europe here ,great food, now closed ; another old favorite is the The Barge, by the waterfront, just wonderful seafood while overlooking the Arthur Kill bay to New York City, its an institution in the city,  webpage . The armory is another jewel of historic significance as class reunions and graduation parties are held here, as well as a restaurant, The Armory Restaurant ,webpage

As for shopping, the best is just outside the city in the towns of Edison and Woodbridge, Menlo Park  Mall and Woodbridge Center Mall (one of the biggest in the USA), Downtown area has lots of stores but very difficult parking best head for the malls above, the webpage for Menlo Park Mall ; and Woodbridge Center Mall at

Hope you enjoy this little bit of historical showcasing of a small city so close to my heart. Go Panthers !!! I have come back briefly in 2007 for my high School 30th reunion but was unfortunately canceled at last minute and I end up going around the city for 3 days alone!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

7 Responses to “Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA”

  1. Interesting to read about Perth Amboy and your life there. I lived at McGuire AFB when I was a senior in high school and went to school in Trenton. Horrible experience. I loved Princeton, Lambertville, Philadelphia, and New Hope, PA, though, so tried to excape to those places.

    As an adult, before moving to Forest Hills, Queens, NY, I lived for six months in Bergen County. That was a beautiful area and some of the small towns like Ridgewood are very americana.

    New Jersey isn’t as bad as people say. There are some really beautiful areas. I don’t know about Perth Amboy because I never went there.


  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes New Jersey is nice if it were not for the snow, I could have stay longer.But then again life is in circles the snow keeps following me. I have good friends in Princeton, too. I know Bergen but not been into Forest Hills. I still correspond with old friends from high school that are still in the area Lol!!!


  3. is your name ardellio? did you know andrea pavlovsky in high svhool?


  4. thank you for your comments. I just enjoy writing on travel places that is all.


  5. Thanks for reading my blog on my old hangout,cheers



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