Some walks on the 7éme de Paris

Today was a crazy day, there I was in the morning doing my usual calculations with a bunch of financial statements, not much else very slow boring job it was. Then, my lovely wife calls! She wanted to go to Paris and do some shopping for the kids, special shopping. Ok ,I said right away, I have rest hours to take and should be no problems to get out of the mad house of La Defense.

Went straight home to get her as she had days off at home due to a previous surgery (doing great thanks), and off we went alone the two of us to lovely Paris 7éme arrondissement.

While there we shop at the Real McCoy epicérie Americaine or American grocery store at 194 Rue Grenelle, (to go on transport the closest is metro école militaire line 8). We ,of course, go by car, my always reliable Ford. Cruising along by the Trocadero and crossing the Seine at pont de l’Alma ,continuing thru ave Rapp to Ave de la Bourdonnais and getting a nice above ground parking at the Grand Bourdonnais or pl Joffre right in front of the back of the Ecole Militaire and right under the watchful eyes of lady Eiffel.

There we got off to walk the marvelous streets of Paris 7 ,we headed straight for the Real McCoy, its a small American grocery store with a small bar stools of sandwich shop ,full to the brim of American goodies like the Kelloggs Fruit Loops cereal, and the marshmallows, the chili can, and grape jelly,and the Saint Valentin little gift we got for one of our son’s girlfriend with I LOVE YOU written on it in English ::) He will be happy tonite.

Then we went for lunch, and I took her to my regular join when around that area of Paris, Le 7éme Vin restaurant,68 ave Bosquet, webpage in update mode at  however, just in case, tel +33 01 45 51 15 97 ,email  . The formule du jour was taken as follows, entrée of hareng salad,and terrine de pâte campagne, plats as Blanquete de Veau sauce mushrooms, and the lingue sauce mushroom poivrée or peppered ,(lingue is a fish in English is common ling) similar to codfish but prized, the dish was sublime. We added water as my wife dont drink alcohol, but I took over with a red glass of Côte du Rhone and follow with a glass of Sauvignon from the Loire; add Coffee for two bill for 39,60€ (20 a piece great price too ) .This place rocks ,never a let down all handle by able friendly courteous service by the owner Olivier.

Some of my friends who read my blog will recognise Le 7éme Vin as it was our get together by Jo that I arrange the reservation here for the group of F, John,Jo, Pen,Ces during my VT experience.   I missed you guys !!!. Cheers.


3 Comments to “Some walks on the 7éme de Paris”

  1. Yes, I remember that very nice evening, Pedro. We should do it again sometime.

    Next time you are in the 7th, stop by my favorite chocolatier, Gregory Renard on rue Saint Dominique. Read my blurb about it on this blog.


    • I will remember to try it Francesca. When you live here for a while you begin to have your favorites amongst the many good ones. Pierre Hermes is an institution but not my favorite. The marquise de Sevigny is ok, I prefer the local chocolatier masters of France that are in Versailles or St Germain en Laye, more traditional home baking like we do at home.My wife is very good too and my oldest son had internship of Paul Bocuse. You know Paris area is a mine of goodies.


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