Evreux, the other Normandy

A very lively city tuck away in the Normandy country side by the river Eure, the third largest city in Haute Normandie after Le Havre and Rouen. Its easy to get here by road from the autoroute de normandie A13 exit 13 just before the toll bridge. You have great parking underground at hotel de Ville, and Victor Hugo off rue Franklin D Roosevelt.  Not far from here is the train station at 4 blvd Gambetta, direct trains to Paris Gare Saint Lazare.

It is an old city first bishop Taurin from 989 AD, and once under the kingdom of Navarra (Spain) until 1400 AD.

Its a nice weekend trip for us, and we enjoy the nice prices and the walks along the canals as well as the wonderful Cathedral. Some of the highlights of the trip would be the Bell tower or Beffroi,  the bishop’s palace is today the museum of Evreux (open as such in 1960)  with many works since antiquity to the 18C, especially see the statue of Jupiter , as well as painting from Flemish and French masters, the site of the museums of Normandy gives you more info here http://www.musees-haute-normandie.fr/fiche.php3?lang=en&idrub=1&id_article=1392

 The ramparts along the canals are very picturesque quaint areas of walk and great for a lunch and people watching; the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame is fantastic;first mentioned in 912 AD and consecrated in 1077 and renovated after many fires, the dimensions are 109 meters long, highs at the nave is 21,75 meters,the lenght of the nave is 25,40 meters, high of the choir is 24,10 meters and lenght of the choir is 31,60 meters. 13 chapels where the enclosure in wood dates from the 16C AD.  You must stop by the chapel the mother of God, a gift from king Louis XI  ,it keeps a Virgin with a Child from the 15C. At the entrance stands a Pieta, dated from the 17C in painted wood. It has a magnificent modern organ with many activities, see in English here http://orgues.evreux.free.fr/english/prix/pages/page-presentation-prize.htm

Iit has a wonderful theater de la ville de Evreux, and nice market or marché at Place Clemenceau good on wednesdays and sundays mornings.

The tourist office of Evreux in French have it on the sights page, you just choose chateaux or others on the list. For more information but if questions let me know I come here often,  http://www.grandevreuxtourisme.fr/Default.aspx?tabid=217

As far as where to stay here well too close to need one but for what I have seen nice ones are the Mercure, Campanile, and Kyriad properties are all good. Campaniles, Kyriads,and Premiere Classe are on the same group Louvre webpage http://webbooking.louvre-hotels.fr/CA/default.aspx?t=c714bbb1e627a&s=CA&l=fr-FR#  For the Mercure part of group Accor the webpage is http://www.mercure.com/gb/hotel-1575-mercure-evreux-palais-des-congres/index.shtml

As far as places to eat there are plenty ,good, and excellent prices if compare to Paris. My favorites are the Le Benjamin  at 2 rue Franklin D Roosevelt just before getting into the pedestrian city center area,and parking by place victor hugo. You can have bowling here too; menus from 17,50€  webpage http://www.leparvisbowling.com/restaurant.html

For a more pleasant country meal at reasonable prices menus from 11€ try the Franklin/ATrium combo in same area at 7 rue Franklin D Roosevelt, if for food with family this is great and a great bargain, friendly service by owners couple. no web Tel +33 02 32 39 04 19/ 02 32 38 15 92. The Atrium is more modern sandwich pizza place and the Franklin is better as classical brasserie.

For sweets, macarons, chocolates, and delicacies made at home try the Chocolatier Normand Auzou at 34 rue Chartraine city center, also properties in Rouen. The chocolates are mouthful and the macarons sublime always stop here please. webpage http://www.auzou-chocolat.fr/

Shopping here other than wine is the ciders of the Auge, at A la Vallée d’Auge, 16 pl Clemenceau, Place du Marché open from tuesdays to saturdays and sunday from 10h to 12h30. no web but tel +33 02 32 33 18 90 and email C.Crevel@orange.frLa Cave du Beffroi, 6 rue de l’Horloge, great for wines, liquors, ciders,and accessories; open Monday thru Saturdays, no web but Tel +33 02 32 31 07 18. For souvenirs/gifts try the Coussens Bureau, 15 rue de Grenoble, open from mondays to saturdays. webpage http://www.coussens-bureau.fr/ . in all, the city center has part pedestrians and its loades with stores all at better prices than Paris.

Hope it helps you see the other France just as beautiful and just around my neck of the woods ::)

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