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February 2, 2011

Some news about France XIII

Ok so continue with the idea of a community board and advice as best as possible about events in France especially the Paris region, the beat goes on.

Temps are back to mild ,grey ,cool, but not cold temps rising to 12°C and the weekend seems to look very good for a ride out into the country.

The latest from google is to have visual presentation of the best museums in the world including Versailles, my Versailles of course. But also, the Reina Sofia and Thyssen in my beloved Madrid. The webpage is this one

The Louvre opens until April 25th the expo Franz Xaver Messerschmidt; statues of great names in history from German sculptor Messerschmidt, First time in France  ,  Also, in the Pinacothéque an exhibition of collection of Princes Esterhazy; 50 paintings of the great Hungarians princes. webpage

Diplomatic splendors of the SEcond Empire at the museum of the Legion d’Honneur next to Orsay, until May 29. Belonging and jewels of emperor Napoleon III and his son Louis-Napoleon,the imperial prince. webpage

My sons talks to me now about Tea??? It was with surprise as we are mostly coffee drinkers, but I have seen more and more of the young going towards Tea. His girlfriend does it too, and the others are coming along. So just for that I give you some tea places in Paris that are in vogue according to them.  These are Au comptoir du thé, 32, rue Daguerre 75014 , where the long jing is king webpage  For the green tea Japonais go to Chajin ,24 rue Pasquier, 75007.webpage . La Route de Thé, direct from Afghanistan, with its Nomad tea, at 14 rue Lacépéde, 75005, webpage One that is ,also, in Versailles, is Dammann  Mouffetard in Paris at 101 bis rue Mouffetard, webpage . Paris has many tea rooms and salon de Thé but these are amongst the IN places now. Enjoy your tea time.

You can now have the Centre Pompidou on IPhone, dont tell me how, just find out ::) I am an amateur with these things, thanks God for my sons who helped when needed. The info is here

As we are talking about tea, Jo Malone a British perfumer maker, is launching a line with tea senses, this is his webpage

And why not ,the Chateau de Versailles just open recently an online boutique for all your shopping pleasure of the palace. Go in the bottom and click FAQ to know all the details of the shopping, its international and in English too, proceeds to help the Chateau de Versailles. webpage

A wonderful place the Maison Victor Hugo is showcasing portraits of writers from 1850 on, over 200 works and 90 writers are represented. Display until 20 February, webpage

Ryanair is back in Marseille!!! After been told of its illegal hiring tactics, the airlines decide to come back with an Irish crew from April on. So low cost are back in Marseille.

And while we get some respite from the weather in the United States they await a huge snow storm over most of the country and temps of -20°C !!! 10000 flights have been cancelled. The storm is from about Chicago to Texas according to the AFP news agency. See your flight here–Blizzard-Disrupts-Air-Travel/153

France vs Brazil in football/soccer February 9th STade de France,TF1 TV

Big crashes coming this morning by 6h to Roissy CDG, slippery roads caused about 50 vehicles to have an accident.  About 28 injures were taken to local hospital. The roads are very slippery there yes indeed. No need for snow, just heavy rains overnite can make them dangerous. This is on the A1 coming from the north of France, by 9h45 the road was open again to traffic.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are. Cheers

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