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February 27, 2011

Some news from France XXII

Another Sunday and ready for the start of a new week.  The Mister Winter is coming back with temps from 0°C to 9°C thru March 8th. by wednesdays winds of up to 48 km/hr will make the windchill factor lower temps even more. So if coming in then bring layers of clothings to keep warm. Per Meteo France predictions of course.

The group ACCOR hotels has an increase in its sales volume in 2010 vs 2009 due to high and middle hotel revenues,so where is the crisis ??? 3.6 millions gain in 2010!!!

Sabotage in the TGV line to Chambery caused 30 000 to be delay up to 6 hrs for their winter vacation on the line from Paris Gare de Lyon. The cables that feed electricity were cut with a saw, investigation in France undergoing.

The Césars are in ,the best films in France, the winners are numerous but the main winners were for Best film,   <Des Hommes et des Dieux>from Xavier Beauvois, talks about French monks killed in Algeria while doing a good cause. Best Actress ,Sara Forestier in <Le nom des gens>. Best actor, Eric Elmosnino in < Gainsbourg (vie héroîque)>. Best foreign film ,<The Social Network> (USA) by David Fincher. An honorary César was given to American producer Quentin Tarantino.

Bars in Paris with a game in mind, I try myself the pool table at Café Germain, at 25, rue de Buci (75006). Tél. +33 01 43 26 02 93 ; after a nice dinner go up to first floor for a game of pool with web but metro Mabillon line 10 just over blvd St Germain. For ping pong or table tennis head for Derrière, 69, rue des Gravilliers (75003). Tél. +33 01 44 61 91 95. At the end of the pub/resto you have a nice table to play after your dinner or drinks. metro Arts et Métiers, line 3,11;just off rue de Turbigo. If you like poker, a fad nowdays in France, go to Murano,13, boulevard du Temple (75003).Tel, +33  01 42 71 20 00; at the end of the bar behind thick curtains you have three tables set up for the game. This is ,also, a hotel by the way, which I have not tried. webpage

In the VI Nations rugby tournament France lost to England 9 x 17 at Twickenham, England. So winning the tournament will be difficult if not impossible now. Next up is vs Italy and will finish vs Wales at home.  Official webpage for the tournament,

From April 28 the musée de Cluny will show an exhibition on the sword in history, call L’épée, usages, mythes, et symboles or The sword,uses,myths, and symbols. webpage in French,

From April 5th, the Musée d’Orsay will have an exhibition on “Manet inventeur du moderne” or Manet the inventor of modernism. info on webpage[tt_news]=27127&no_cache=1

The Musée Jacquemart-André will have from March 25, and exposition on “Dans l’intimité des fréres Caillebotte, peintre et photographe” The intimate paintings and photos of the brothers Caillebotte. webpage for info,

The Cinémathèque Française will pay tribute to Stanley Kubrick, from March 23rd. This is at rue de Bercy, Metro Bercy lines 6 and 14, official webpage

At Carré de la Farine, in the marché Notre Dame of Versailles, there will be an exhibition on New York,jardin Majorelle,from April 18. You enter by the rue de la Paroisse on the first floor.this is a gallery showing  artist  Chantal Cavanna; webpage

In Lille ,museum of fine arts or musée-Palais des Beaux-Arts, This is one of the premier museum in France, near our family of the Ch’tis ::) Place de la Republique metro line 1. You will see a nice exhibition on Velazquez, Ribera, and Giordano, from March 11, webpage

In my other family ways cathars country in Castres, you will see the museum/Musée of Goya, showing Baroque des Andes, with paintings and objects from Argentina, Peru ,and Bolivia, from March 18. Webpage It is in the same building as the hotel de ville govt office.

Closer to me in the Musée Condé,Chateau de Chantilly, you have an exhibition call ” Les Clouet de Catherine de Médicis. Portraits dessinés de la cour des Valois” or painting and dessigns done by Clouet for the queen in her court. It will be in the Galerie des Cerfs. From March 23 2011; webpage

I just sawed this and its unbelievable gorgeous, if you are looking for a spa in Paris then try the Institut Dior spa at the hotel Plaza Athénée,webpage with all info here

And we just had a couple of wonderful trips into the country side south of us, going again to Maintenon, Epernon, and Monfort l’Amaury areas. La vie est belle en France ::) Cheers.

February 23, 2011

Some news from France XXI

Well here we are at midpoint and still rainy, grey ,cool, humid days with some more yet to come.  I was driving by Mantes-la-Jolie , a royal town of France with a great Collegiale Notre Dame, just park behind it overlooking the Seine river.

This just in, the city govt of Paris is launching a new webpage for news about the city and it will be expanded to even know the history behind each street. The English version will follow as for now is in French only; enjoy it here at

For those seeking the very French of Paris, there is a concert at the famous Olympia from Feb 28 with Véronique Sanson, the French pop singer, showcasing her new album “Plusieurs Lunes” Several moons. Her personal webpage with the info is at

For a bit of jazz from Sweden with a voice like an American, go see Jeanette Lindstrôm at the fame Les Ducs des Lombards jazz corner her webpage with all the info of the event is at

Want to go to the Circus, then come over to a good one Circus Alexis Gruss, will be performing Méelody its 37th creation with music, acrobats, trapeizes, chevaliers in horses, and comic clowns.  But hurry up only until Feb 27th, they are at  Chemin de ceinture du lac supérieur, Porte de Passy
, Bois de Boulogne,  webpage is at

Two brunch classics a la Americaine with the French touch bien sûr that have been my favorites for as long as I can remember is Carette by Trocadero. Now at place des Vosges and starting a nice brunch for 23€  with a breakfast at 12€, reservation is advice ,heavy meals great choices. Have a bit of Paris at 25, place des Vosges, 75003.  Tél. : +33 01 48 87 94 07. Open every day from  7 to midnight! webpage go to Carette on the right column and choose the location.

Another nice Brunch in another of my favorite areas ,the 7th, the resto Home in Paris, handled by Guillaume Gomez the No 2 chef at the Elysées (the French presidential home), just on Sundays  for 30€  including a hot drink, orange juice and buffet all you can eat, 20€ for the children.  17, avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007  Tél +33 01 47 05 07 37. Open everyday except sunday evenings and mondays ;no web but a great find go there.just in front école militaire. 

It will be the Greek month in Paris next March,starting March 1st at the room= salon Impérial in the The Westin Paris Hotel (3, rue de Castiglione), from 12h-19h, with Greek chefs and an elaborate buffet . The recipes will be presented at the two UNESCO restaurants during the week of Feb 28 to March 4th, and in five Greek restos in Paris from March 2 to 31th ,these restos are – Evi Evane, 10 rue Guisarde, 75006. Tél. : 01 43 54 97 86 – Les Délices d’Aphrodite, 4 rue Candolle, 75005. Tél. : 01 43 31 40 39 – Mavrommatis, 42 rue Daubenton, 75005. Tél. : 01 43 31 17 17 – L’Olivier, 15 bd du Temple, 75003. Tél. : 01 42 77 12 51 – La Maison Grecque, 20 rue de Mogador, 75009. Tél. : 01 45 96 37 38. Easy to find the webpages but if need help let me know.

New haircut trends for the spring by Jean Louis David, our favorite in the family, plenty of them in Paris, ours we have visited is in the 16 at galerie St Didier,rue des Sablons,  the short cut rock style is back for woman of course; here is the webpage for the haircuter

A movie about the almost coup d’etat in Spain new democracy, where were you? I am glad it was not succesful and thank you King Juan Carlos, the movie webpage

O. Lyon 1 vs Real Madrid 1, tied in Lyon in the Champions league, so we have a goal advantage for scoring away and the decider will be in Madrid , march 16. The goal for Real Madrid scored by Frenchman Karim Benzema, entering as a substitute.

Well now looking forward to the Chateau de Montmirail in the Sarthe the site of the movie The Visiteurs, French movie, my kids wants to go where they filmed it. So off we go. Cheers and have a great rest of week.

February 21, 2011

Some news from France XX

Well the week started well, as usual rain and rain grey and grey humid and humid blah blah blah. We should continue like this until the end of February; with mostly damp rainy days and some clouds coming out, temps from 0°C  the 23 Feb to 12°C the 25 Feb. So be prepared or be squared ::)

Some statistical curiosities that were brought to my attention are about the French; we are the most pessimistic for 2011 with 61% on the economic front; we eat pizzas the most with about 10 kgs per person more than double the Italian and just behind the Americans with 13kg in the world; the most mobile students in Europe with 30 000 Erasmus student in 2009; we have the most dirty restrooms/toilettes  in Europe; the most savers in Europe with 16,2% ratio and the least to use credit; 43% are not happy with a capitalist system, preferring a more equitable model; we spent the most time on the table to eat with 130 minutes tops in the world, and sleep the longest 8H; we are the best build for love with an average penis of 16 cm in the world; we work less but are more productive with generation of 25,10 USD GDP while the Americans come at 24,60 USD!; and 38 days of vacation we are tops in the world baby! now dont worry this is just came out in MSN ::)

The ICAA or International Civil Aviation Authority has critized the US government idea to include in their budget a tax of 5,50 USD for every Canadian visitor! In the meantime the waves of freedom and democracy continues in Northern Africa and the Middle East, bravo for the people; democracy is good for everybody.

Opéra Garnier ,Paris ,had one of its best year ever with a 94% occupancy rate for its events in 2010 according to Le Figaro newspaper. Looking forward to 2014 , the French President is working to open a Maison de l’histoire de France, sort like a museum with loans from about other 14 institutions, such as  Les Eyzies, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Pau, Cluny, Écouen, la Malmaison, Compiègne, Fontainebleau , and  Musée des plans et reliefs.Originally it will be house in the current Archieve Nationale that I eluded in one of my post will be shortly transfer out of the city of Paris. Others like the Memorial Caen will join later on too. Stay tune….

The French are preparing to build a sort of the pentagon in the USA in Paris, to regroup the 15 sites now housing about 9300 federal defense employees in France. it will be the biggest construction project of the decade with 8,5 hectares ( 21 acres). This will be done in the Balard site in the 15 arrondissement de Paris,south of the city;metro line 8 and tramway T3 will get you there if you dare.

the Chateau de Versailles will have an hommage to Venice this summer 2011 under the title «Venise Vivaldi Versailles».and it will be with gondolas and all, keep an eye on the castle webpage for updates.

The top 30 French actors better paid in 2010 are as follow according to Le Figaro, in Euros

1Marion Cotillard, 2,35 M,2Jean Dujardin 2,3 M, 3Kad Merad 2,25M, 4 Romain Duris  2, 04M,5Gérard Depardieu 2 M 6Franck Dubosc 1,74 M,7Michael Youn 1,7 M,8Benoit Poelvoorde 1,6M,9Clovis Cornillac 1,4 M,10Vanessa Paradis 1,3 M,11 Gilles Lellouche 1,25M,12Roshdy Zem 1,2M,13Audrey Tautou 1,125 M,14 Jean Reno 1,1 M, 15Mathilde Seigner 1 M, 16Lambert Wilson 999.000 ,17José Garcia 995.000,18Fabrice Lucchini 990.000,19Nathalie Baye 900.000,20Benoit Magimel 890.000,21François Cluzet  780.000, 22 Sophie Marceau 765.000, 23 Catherine Frot  700.000, 24 Albert Dupontel 650.000 ,25Diane Kruger  572.000 ,26Isabelle Huppert 550 000, 27 – Kristin Scott Thomas and Catherine Deneuve 500.000 ,28Sylvie Testud 490.000, 29Karin Viard 425.000 ,30Cécile de France 378.000.

Now obviously I do not rent apartments/hotels etc in the Paris region because I live here for the last 8 years, and before that stay with family for many years going back to 1990,so my experiences have been on location, word of mouth of the expat community in Paris, and feedback from other relatives too large to house or friends too numerous that have come over. These are the reliable ones in my opinion over the years: updated 2011.  , , , , ,  , , , , (this one I know is great because use to rent in the south and Spain) . There are many others including an English language magazine distributed all over Paris that has listings too,  It should give you a good start, and keep you good.

In addition for those on the hotel trail, there are very good French chains that I use for many years such as ACCOR, and Louvre. I will give out those webpages here, ; ; ; ; ;  ; never gone wrong with any of these properties.

Enjoy France, its a movable feast in its entirety ::)

February 18, 2011

Some news from France XIX

Well here we are before another weekend a bit cooler.  It is now 4°C clear skies but with some fog this morning. Expecting rainy days until the 23rd with temps between the 1°C in the mornings/nights to 12°C in daytime.  It looks like we are in the Fall season and not winter thus. So bring a rainjacket,and layers.

The new vogue and after several years, is to bring on more and more speed radars and red light radars operational, however, less police on the roads. Depending mostly on road checkpoints for the police and the electronic radars. The number of death on the roads in my area has increase by 30% vs last year. So more big brother will be watching me ,you on the roads around Versailles.

February 14, 2011

Some news from France XVIII

Well here I am again starting a new week, the skies are cloudy and damp, but ok for walking. The temps announced are for the next 10 days about 2 to 11°C, rains are supposed to be from February 19-23 period. A romantic touch for wishing all a happy Saint Valentin.

The expansion and improvement to the Roland Garros tennis tournament will remain in Paris. Versailles was fighting hard for it, but at the end as usual nowdays the cheaper gets the win, not the best thus. The Versailles site would have been 500M€ while keeping it in Paris will cost about 300M€ voilà c’est la vie, tant pis pour Versailles.

I was by Suresnes yesterday, (hauts de seine dept 92 ) ,it was my old work area so came back to see the folks in the restos that I frequented, most closed of course but did enjoy the charlie birdy. There are great places to eat here and cheaper than just across the river Seine to Paris. Some of the places but closed on Sundays , and all within meters of each other are , oh yes you get there by the tramway longchamp stop from La Defense, or the train at Suresnes-mont valerien from gare Saint Lazare, all easy trips.

Le Berry, 30 rue Bourets, tel +33 01 41 38 20 60 .typical brasserie with the simple down to earth real French food. plat du jour always for about 9,50-10€

Le Richmond, 6 Rue Desbassayns de Richemont, tel +33 01 42 04 18 11. Another brasserie with the French flair next to the post office.

Donatello, 24 Esplanade Courtieux, tel +33 01 42 04 41 67. Italian real mamma mia on a elevated street section right up from the market or marche.

Le Pub, 15 Place Gén Leclerc, tel +33 01 46 97 70 04. The anglo touch in the area, great burgers, plats combiné, and beers including guinness. webpage

Lotus d’or, 7 Rue du Bac, tel +33 01 40 99 07 10. The Chinese,Thai, Viet touch in the are, always reliable,a nd a family favorite, menus from 11,50€ all you can eat. Great Chinese beers

Katsura,  15 Rue du Bac. Tél +33 01 47 28 83 88. The Japanese ,with great sushis, and brochettes or beef on pins, great Japanese beers.

And the one that was open so we ate there again is the chain Charlie Birdy, 29 Quai Galliéni , tel +33 01 41 44 77 80. The closest here is the tramway Belvedere from La Defense, it is facing the river Seine, overlooking bois de boulougne and Paris. Nice bar drinks, beers, salads, and burgers especially the burgers are gourmet big for about 12-13€, there is a menu on weekdays for 13,90€. webpage

Yesterday I had a mix end of weekend as my Real Madrid basketball lost the Kings Cup tournament to our ever rivals without name cules, only by 8 points, so we are getting closer. Then in football/soccer we beat Espanyol of Barcelona 1×0 and now only 5 points behind the cules. We continue this week with the Champions league where we are facing Lyon of France.

As far as my other love, the VI Nations rugby competition is in full gear, France visited Ireland and even thus was not a clean win, we did won 25 to 22, and stay unbeaten. We will play England on Feb 26 18H local time in England for an important match.

My sons went to see the movie TRON, and they like it. Especially sad as the father risk all to save its sons. I know Dads are pretty good ::)  The biggest preparation is for their annual school vacation in April, one is going to Normandy to see a working farm,and the other is going to the alps Val Cenis for skiing/Last year they did the reverse combination. My oldest is in the working world sort of so vacations will be in August with us. In July my father is visiting Florida with his sister so we are thinking where we are going, maybe England, Germany or Spain. OF course, this is the European long vacation, we will be cruising on weekends all over.

For Saint Valentin I just ordered to pick up my Love Duo at Lenôtre, near me in Le Chesnay Parly II shopping mall, webpage  and for the Lenôtre stores webpage here

For chocolates and refine pastries you can try Carette, my all time favorite at Trocadero but also at Vosges. webpage

For well dress, Parisien style and natives, see the Commune de Paris store. Ready to wear evoking the Communards revolt of old, stylish in blue, white ,and red ,the colors you know of Les Bleus. You find their garments at French Trotters, 116 , rue Vieille du Temple ,75003. and , 30, rue de Charonne ,75011. Or at my place the grand magasin  Au Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 24, rue de Sévres 75007. webpage

Another beauty from a local maker and all made in France, is Kitsuné and Kitsuné Parisien, 52,  rue de Richelieu ,75001. Polos all 100% French. webpage

So again Happy Valentin to all, and in Paris is more lovely ::)

February 10, 2011

Some news from France XVII

Hello folks, another week coming to an end, and still great weather althought some rain. The temps are in 12°C thus, winter still but it looks more like fall. The next few days will be from low of 4°C to a high of 11°C with cloudy and rainy days thru St Valentin day and then some sunny days afterward according to Meteo France.

From now to 2025 major transport projects are looming in my area of department 78 Yvelines, west of Paris. The RER E will be extended to reach the zone 6 of metro Paris, as well as been involved in the Grand Paris project, and the creation of the  Tangentielle Ouest, this is the tram to train project between the towns of Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole  and  Poissy-Achères axis.  The line on the extended RER E will link the towns of Mantes-la-Jolie to La Défense,then between La Defense and the train station gare St Lazare-Haussmann metro station. Times will be reduce in about 15-20 minutes on each line plus allow suburbia to come closer to Paris and vice versa.  In the Grand Paris project it will be integrated with Yvelines the lines with two stations at Versailles,Vélizy and  Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.  The service of the Tangientelle will improve the service consist of increasing the reach of the todays line of the  Grande Ceinture Ouest, linking Saint-Germain-en-Laye to  Noisy-le-Roi, and make it continuous south until Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole RER ,and north until  Achères, then later on will reach Cergy-Pontoise as well.  All this will means more connections, closer distances, and better for commuters and visitors alike.

The tramway T6 is now under construction to link the towns stations of  metro “Châtillon-Montrouge” (line 13 ) and the station of Viroflay Rive-Droite via Vélizy. So the south of Yvelines will be connected as well with Paris via metro line 13.

Expos going on, my favorite which will try to see is Cranach et son temps or Cranach and its times, paintings and engraving of the great Germanic painter Lucas Cranach. Musée du Luxembourg 75006. Until  May 23 every day from 10h to 20h, and the Fridays and Saturdays until  22h. webpage

IN the Archieves National ,Hôtel de Soubise, rue des Francs Bourgeois 75003. The expo of “Dans l’Atéliers du Menus Plaisir du roi” Until April 24 2011,  every day except Tuesdays from 10h -12h30 and 14h-17h30. Saturdays and Sundays from  14h – 17h30. Spectacles, feast and ceremonies of the 17C and 18C with about 130 graphic works of art, showcasing the Royal parties.

Today is Theater day in Paris, and the newspaper Le Figaro has an excellent magazine to tell all about them. Here are some tips and theater for your future enjoyment when visiting or for those that live here too ::)

Seats to avoid in some theater so you know which to purchase and see the performance better are : Theatre du Palais Royal , on the sides, the seats No  27, 28, 29 and 30 (hardly ever put up for sale).  La Renaissance ; on each side of the scenario ,the seats nos 139, 141, 142, 166, 167, 191 and 192.  Marigny ,the two seats in the  circle ,seat No 177 and 179 are in a dead angle, you will need to lean over to see better . Bouffes Parisiens, the seats No  7, 8, 30 and 31  situated behind the columns of the gallery at 4éme and last floor FR(5th category for  12 euros). Hébertot, the seats No 66-1 and 66-2 along the lateral sides, the seats nos  403 and 404 in the circle and  the balcony , and the nos 649 and 680,behind the columns.  Michodiére, in the circle seat B31. La Madeleine , 3rd floor FR at the balcony avoid seats starting with  6 (657, 657, 668, 669, etc.). Montparnasse , Second floor FR, first balcony the seats nos 149 to 157  and the No  32  that requires to lean lower to see better. Théâtre des Variétés, in the galleries, seats nos G45 to G135 to the right and  G44 to G132 to the left.  Edouard VII , in the circle the seats nos H27 and H22 ,and at balcony the seats nos  A21 and A19.

By area the best ranks as to seating, program, welcome,comfort,and cost as per Le Figaro rankings are by zone ,from best to worse:

Paris Nord /north: Colline, Bouffes du Nord, Abbesses, Antoine, Comédia, Porte St Martin, Renaissance, Hébertot, and Atélier.

Paris Centre/ center: Athénée, Bouffes Parisiens, Michodiere, Edouard VII, L’Oeuvre, La Bruyére, Paris, and Variétés.

Paris Ouest/west:  Chaillot, Champs’Elysées, Comédie-Française, Madeleine, Marigny, Palais-Royal, Ranelagh, Rond-Point, Tristàn Bernard, and Mathurins.

Paris Sud/south : Théatre de la Ville, Montparnasse, Silvia Monfort, Odéon, Cartoucherie, and Poche Montparnasse.

Versailles, Montansier, comes as 6th rank in all suburbs around Paris ::) ,which is a huge area of many theaters.

A webpage in French to find programs and info on the above theater is one of my favorite sites  of course, this is in addition to check each individual theater webpage by name.

On the same theme for the Saint Valentin festivities coming up why not have a nice romantique dinner at 1728. Classy Paris 7éme decorated with a theater theme inside and food to dream by two. 8 rue d’Anjou ,angle with rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré . This is where the famous Lafayette of help to the American independance lived as a mansion, now restored as a restaurant.  Webpage

And last but not least France beat Brazil in football;Soccer 1×0 at Stade de France, with a goal from Karim Benzema, Real Madrid player. YES!!!!


February 7, 2011

Some news from France XVI

Here it is another week, driving by the Arc de Triomphe on my way to a meeting at av Hoche near Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The temps are ideal with a high today on my car weather reader of 15°C ! The Meteo France calls for temps in the next few days of 8-13°C some sunny some cloudy but no rain is call for. Hoping for a quiet Saint Valentin with good weather. I had my lunch at restaurant Do Re Mi,  a nice brandade de morue, white muscadet and coffee for 21€ ,nice view in nice weather in chic Paris at 215 rue du Faubourg Sainte-Honoré. no web, Metro Ternes or George V. Tel +33 01 45 61 06 35

Nice entertainment near me was had last night at PACHA 78 a nightclub in the town of Louveciennes near St Germain en Laye even thus the address is at 64 rue de Versailles ,you come from Paris on the A13 road second exit direction St Germain en Laye ,then about 200 meters. This is a nightclub with 8 rooms giving you many choices! The bottom is line up with theme rooms like Bora Bora, Oasis, and Pacha, and the upstairs has a VIP club with belly dancers. You come in for Singles night on Wednesdays, the show sexy the Thursdays, and Ladies Night the Sundays. webpage

The studies conducted by The Lancet , a leading British medical journal, show that the French are one of the lowest in Europe with body mass of 25,9 for men and 24,8 for women. The study was conducted of those over 21 yrs old in 199 countries. The article in French by the Le Parisien newspaper

The first fragance by the mark Swarovski is been launched in collaboration with the labs Clarins available for next april for 36€ and will be call Aura. It is ,also ,90 years of the perfum Chanel No 5, all started in 1921 when Coco Chanel pick the 5th sample from a perfum mixer and decide to name such and make it avalaible to all in May , month No 5 ! Voilà the rest you know ::)

The Prado museum in Madrid and the Ermitage in Saint Petersburg will have a duel of treasures between them as follows , the works from the Prado will go to the Ermitage opening on February 25, 66 paintings from the Spanish, Italian ,and Flemish schools. The return will be in Madrid in November 8th having  160 works (including archeological, decorated arts, paintings,  sculptures, and drawings ) . According to reports in El Mundo newspaper of Madrid.

The great artery in Madrid Gran Via, will have stars on its pavement to imitate the Hollywood blvd to coincide with the issuing of the Goyas, the Spanish equivalent to the Oscars which will be given out next February 13 at the Teatro Real or royal theater. webpage

Corsairfly and TGV came to an agreement to provide transfers from air to train air to Paris-Orly airport.  The airlines flies from 15 French cities to the Antilles,Indian  Ocean islands , and North America. webpage

Carla Bruni ,the wife of French President Sarkozy is planning another music album , her third , she is registering  Los Angeles,Calif,  USA

The project Docks en Seine, will come to conclusion next October.  Build in the old general stores (at the crossing of quai d’Austerlitz and pont Charles de Gaulle, 75013) where it will the  Cité de la mode et du design, Or the city of fashion and design. The opening had been postponned and now it seems will be done by October 2011. Webpage

The Musée de l’Armée is showing the exhibition of  Under the look of Mars, the armory of the Princes of Europe, from march 16 to June 21 2011. rue de Grenelle at the Invalides, webpage

The Musée de la vie Romantique, is exhibiting the jardins romantiques français or French romantic gardens from 1770 to 1840 under from gardens of light to gardens of romance. Dates from March 8 to July 17, 2011. Webpage

Atelier Grognard in Rueil-malmaision is showing a wonderful string of paintings from the ecole de Rouen ,impresssionist arts at it s best with scenes frm the river Seine. You have heard of  Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissaro, but also Fantin-Latour, Guillaumin, etc etc. running now until April 21. 13h30 to 19h located at 6 Avenue du Chateau de Malmaison, tel +33 01 41 39 06 96. email for more information at

Have a great week everyone ::) A+

February 5, 2011

Some news about France XV

Well good weather is back highs of 13°C today still a bit cloudy damp, but no rain nor snow ::) the weather for the next few days is looking good indeed. Temps in the 4 to 12°C range some days with light rain predicted.

The biggest news is Versailles is going after Roland Garros, the French Tennis Open!!! The present location has long been deemed to small and outdated to accommodate this prestigious event, and the French Tennis Federation is seeking better venues. One of them really competing against Paris is my beloved Versailles….The final decision will be rendered by end of next week either Saturday or Sunday February 12 or 13. Stay tune….

The Halles at the Forum in Paris has began to look like a construction site starting this weekend !  It started actually yesterday and will continue for the next few months. The first will be done by the church St Eustache, next to Place René Cassin, playgrounds galore ,This one will along rue Berger,there will be another one by 2014 .  There will take down about 340 trees and work with no date set on getting about 478 trees in its place and better looking…There will be about 50 bungalows along rue Berger and the others will follow so construction in Paris folks be prepared as some buildings will be demolished along rue pierre lescot the so call Willerval buildings of old. The quasi private company or quasi public that will handle this is Sempariseine  with webpage for this project in French here

France just beat Scotland in VI Nations rugby 34 x21 with up and down plays, which they will need to improve to face Ireland next week. Ireland just barely beat Italy 13×11 today’s games. Montmartre is dress up to receive the Scots with dinner tonite at Moulin de la Galette . Festivities continue tomorrow , you have all info here

Have a great end of weekend.Cheers

February 4, 2011

Some News about France XIV

Well temps are back like Indian summer up to 11°C cool nice, the weekend looks great.  Temps from 4°C to 11°C with no rain in sight if the Meteo France folks are right.

The great even is beginning tonite the IV Nations of rugby is on, tonite England vs Wales. France plays tom vs Scotland at the STade de France,St Denis-Paris. webpage to follow it and in Paris head for the stadium or Au Metro ,the cradle of Rugby in Paris for years, and its great fun ,count on me , webpage

While in Madrid ,they are working on a grand project to improve the green areas of the city ,and become more cosmopolitan as such…The Madrid Rio project .Some of the issues are making greens or ecological sound areas by planting more trees with boulevard going to the river Manzanares. Demolished the building of the Mercado de los Mostenses and create more commercial spaces. At the Plaza de España  will try to increase the pedestrian area that connect the  Jardines de Sabatini with the Temple Debod, as well as widening the calle Bailén ,and improve access to Calle Conde Duque.  On the roads of  Arganzuela it will be made underground those that comes from Atocha, remodeled the museum of Railroad and create a green alleyway next to the Vias to park or parque Tierno Galván. The Riviera concert hall will be demolished ,and a big green park left in its place. The army gardens now by Cibeles will be open to the public as well as the Palace of Buenavista seat of the Ministry of Defense as well as encourage commercial activity at the calle Prim. In the AZCA complex will be improved its lower areas left in dispair and beggars area by making open spaces with more clear mark access. In Las Descalzas, it is ask to make pedestrian area around the convent and change the entrance to the parking, improving the commercial look of stores, and open the cloister for the inhabitants and passerbys. At the city garden or Ciudad Jardin, the streets of  Alfonso XIII and Ramón y Cajal can be converted in green trees boulevards and the intersection of  Concha Espina  with the road M 30 can be made underground to gain space. By Moncloa, will try to improve the pedestrian link to Parque del Oeste and Ciudad Universitaria (University city), and open the esplanade in front of the ministry of the air force. For the Salon or hall Felipe II it could be slow the traffic in Salamanca district and make the street  calle Jorge Juan connect with the Plaza de Colón. By the river at Las Vistillas, they are asking to take the cars out ,and create a look out at the viaduct  of  Segovia as well as widening the sidewalks near the Cathedral de la Almudena. At Plaza Mayor, renovated fronts, support columns ,and stores front inside and open the houses of  Panadería(bakery)  and Carnicería (butchery). city of Madrid webpage

This is a youtube video that was made aware to me in Spanish but shows all the above changes in Madrid,

Real Madrid vs Barcelona for the Kings Cup or Copa del Rey final will be played April 20th at the Valencia stadium Mestalla.  Spain will played a friendly match vs Colombia on February 9th at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium ,Madrid at 21h30

Air Transat will increase flights to Canada and add more cities in France ie Toulouse and NIce in its schedules abroad. Air France will increase long trip travel by 20€ to pay for fuel per roundtrip starting this month.

The actress Maria Schneider, fame for the Last Tango in Paris died yesterday in Paris at age 58 due to a long illness, RIP Paris1972.

The Chinese New Year in the year of the Rabbit began celebration yesterday. At the Paris district or arrondissement 15,17, and 20.  This morning a march was done in the 17éme to the avenue de Clichy. The most important will be in the 13 that houses the largest Chinese community in Paris; it will be held on Sunday   by 13h30 from 44, avenue d’Ivry and continues the routing as follows  avenue de Choisy, place d’Italie, avenue d’Italie, rue de Tolbiac, avenue de Choisy, boulevard Masséna ,and return to avenue d’Ivry .

And tonite I am having a home made Tartiflette , something the Savoyards have taken as their own but it arrives on the ski station many moons ago from visitors coming there, the exact origins are not really known. My house recipe for 6 is with the following ingredients , 2 kg ( about 4.4 lbs)of potatoes , a pot of fresh cream 30% mat gras, a whole Reblochon cheese wheel ,200 grams of lardons or ham bacon bits, 2 onions, and 20cl of white wine or about a 8oz glass. Cook the potatoes for about 20 mins in a pressure pot, let them cool off, and cut them in pieces like cubes and put them in a porcelain or ceramic bowl, at the same time make reduce the lardons in a saucepan without any oil,when the lardons become pinky cook add the onions and cook all until the onions becomes soft , put the oven to start warm up at 180°C, to the saucepan add the white wine , mix so that it wont stick ,lower the temperature and add the salt and pepper to taste as well as the fresh cream 30% mat gras, and let them cook for a couple of minutes ,put all from the saucepan to the porcelain bowl where the potatoes are , and well mix them in, then cut the Reblochon cheese in along the lenght in pieces that will cover the mixture as much as possible having the skin of the cheese up facing you; put all this in the oven for about 30 minutes at 180°C or thermostat 6, this is about 350°F. Have it with white wine of course, and if from the Savoy better ::) Cheers,and have a nice weekend everyone.

February 2, 2011

Some news about France XIII

Ok so continue with the idea of a community board and advice as best as possible about events in France especially the Paris region, the beat goes on.

Temps are back to mild ,grey ,cool, but not cold temps rising to 12°C and the weekend seems to look very good for a ride out into the country.

The latest from google is to have visual presentation of the best museums in the world including Versailles, my Versailles of course. But also, the Reina Sofia and Thyssen in my beloved Madrid. The webpage is this one

The Louvre opens until April 25th the expo Franz Xaver Messerschmidt; statues of great names in history from German sculptor Messerschmidt, First time in France  ,  Also, in the Pinacothéque an exhibition of collection of Princes Esterhazy; 50 paintings of the great Hungarians princes. webpage

Diplomatic splendors of the SEcond Empire at the museum of the Legion d’Honneur next to Orsay, until May 29. Belonging and jewels of emperor Napoleon III and his son Louis-Napoleon,the imperial prince. webpage

My sons talks to me now about Tea??? It was with surprise as we are mostly coffee drinkers, but I have seen more and more of the young going towards Tea. His girlfriend does it too, and the others are coming along. So just for that I give you some tea places in Paris that are in vogue according to them.  These are Au comptoir du thé, 32, rue Daguerre 75014 , where the long jing is king webpage  For the green tea Japonais go to Chajin ,24 rue Pasquier, 75007.webpage . La Route de Thé, direct from Afghanistan, with its Nomad tea, at 14 rue Lacépéde, 75005, webpage One that is ,also, in Versailles, is Dammann  Mouffetard in Paris at 101 bis rue Mouffetard, webpage . Paris has many tea rooms and salon de Thé but these are amongst the IN places now. Enjoy your tea time.

You can now have the Centre Pompidou on IPhone, dont tell me how, just find out ::) I am an amateur with these things, thanks God for my sons who helped when needed. The info is here

As we are talking about tea, Jo Malone a British perfumer maker, is launching a line with tea senses, this is his webpage

And why not ,the Chateau de Versailles just open recently an online boutique for all your shopping pleasure of the palace. Go in the bottom and click FAQ to know all the details of the shopping, its international and in English too, proceeds to help the Chateau de Versailles. webpage

A wonderful place the Maison Victor Hugo is showcasing portraits of writers from 1850 on, over 200 works and 90 writers are represented. Display until 20 February, webpage

Ryanair is back in Marseille!!! After been told of its illegal hiring tactics, the airlines decide to come back with an Irish crew from April on. So low cost are back in Marseille.

And while we get some respite from the weather in the United States they await a huge snow storm over most of the country and temps of -20°C !!! 10000 flights have been cancelled. The storm is from about Chicago to Texas according to the AFP news agency. See your flight here–Blizzard-Disrupts-Air-Travel/153

France vs Brazil in football/soccer February 9th STade de France,TF1 TV

Big crashes coming this morning by 6h to Roissy CDG, slippery roads caused about 50 vehicles to have an accident.  About 28 injures were taken to local hospital. The roads are very slippery there yes indeed. No need for snow, just heavy rains overnite can make them dangerous. This is on the A1 coming from the north of France, by 9h45 the road was open again to traffic.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are. Cheers

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