Some news about France XII

Well again very cold around Paris/Versailles axis, temps in the freezing range, today it was -5°C  and tomorrow too morning temps going up to 2°C in the afternoons. For wednesday on the temps will go up again to about 0°C then all the way up to 7°C daytime.  The days to follow temps from 3°C to 12°C with chances of rain starting on Friday February 4 per Meteo France.

The roads are clear easy driving this morning, and now back at home for lunch and else…..I am giving training for end users ERP  SAP at company near La Defense. Then look for more wood for the chimney just in case…. prices have gone up from 38 € when I came to Versailles to now 62€ in just 8 years!!!

France won its fourth Handball world title beating Denmark after extra time 37_35 yesterday in Sweden. Spain won the bronze medal beating Sweden.

There is a great democratic movement going on in the world if you are not in tune. Keeping politics away, I am glad its happening and wish them the best of luck.

Hôtel de la Marine facing the place de la Concorde is in the process of finding a buyer or keep it under some kind of State/Heritage consortium and keep it open. It is a national heritage of great history and houses today the HQ of the French Navy.

February 2nd is the day of the Chandeleur in France, an old Christian celebration today known as the Day of the Crêpes, the famous Breton mouthfuls. Try it in my favorites in Paris at L’Avant-Comptoir, 3, carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006 Tél.+33 01 44 27 07 97. Open every day and crêpes from 3,50€. webpage with flash see “sauvorez les restaurants” section,

And, also, my jewel at Josselin ,near Montparnasse , 67 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 by metro Edgar Quinet or Vavin, lines 6 and 4 respectively. no web Tel +33 01 43 20 93 50. A real slice of Bretagne in Paris.

Then, some have ask me for guides to show you Paris. My time is limited and I am not a qualify guide, so I have done some research in the Heritage Foundation or Fondation du Patrimoine, and these are reliable, experts, professionals who can guide you and give all the information you need before engaging them. These are in no particular order;

Fabienne Germé at  with webpage at

Pierre-Yves Jaslet, at, webpage at

Béatrice Hignard at , webpage at

Claude Marti,  at , webpage at

Christine Merle, at, webpage

Murielle Rudeau at, webpage at

Hope it helps those seeking this type of arrangements. Thats all for news from France. Have a great week everyone ::)

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