Some news from France XI

Well it seems cold and snow is the name of the day. Hearing big storms with heavy snow in New Jersey, and temps a bit cool for Florida. Here in the Paris region, weather is turning colder already. Calling for weather cloudy, low -4°C to high of 2°C, some rain and windy which will bring temps lower. I am ready chimney is clean, wood is plenty ,and cozy nights with raclettes are wonderful.

The great cartoon event once again in Angouleme is playing out now, today, my son participated last year with his school, and some of his work are in my house ::) If you love BD, cartoon series this is the event to be every year, practical information in English in pdf file here  .The main webpage in French is here

Saint Valentin is approaching Feb 14 and we are ready, are you ? Cuba Compagnie Bastille menu Valentin at 59€, more info here

theaters and restos will have plenty more in the coming days, but for sure the Lido will have a St Valentin evening at 175-250€ .

The city of Paris will have all the month of February balades=walks in areas of Paris “Paris Romantique” , I know for sure on the 1éme arrondissement. inquire at tourist office webpage in French

Le Cap Rouge, 23 rue Mouffetard will have a party showing your colors!!! Red if already in couple, Green ,single for the moment, Blue open I am available for whatever ::)

Beginning February 8 the SNCF, train consortium in France will increase 2,85% the price of travel on TGV,Teoz, and Lunea trains in France.

Some restos with the look of the IV Republique Française still in them. Retro look to the 1950’s. First,my favorite one is Chez Germaine,30, rue Pierre-Leroux, 75007. Tél. +33 01 42 73 28 34. open every day except Sundays. Open in 1953 ,and a pot-au-fou magnifique! no Web. Also, L’Auberge Bressane, 16, avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007, Tel +33 01 47 05 98 37; webpage Astier, 44, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 75011;tel +33 01 43 57 16 35; webpage Enjoy them !!!

The 11éme arrondissement or district of Paris was my introduction to the city by my girlfriend (today wife) back in 1990, see photo. This is twice as large of the more common districts of Paris central, with a lifestyle of its own or the “bobos”  of Paris with great plazas such as Republique, Nation, and Bastille. Great streets to walk with plenty of wonderful stores,and restos such as in rue Paul Bert, Parmentier, Rue de la Fontaine-au-roi, Trousseau, and Oberkampf. Here you will be wonderful at Bistrot Paul-Bert,  18, rue Paul-Bert . Tél.+33  01 43 72 24 01. try the agneau de lait roti au four (young lamb roast in oven..) no web.And for the best American bagels in Paris go to Chez Morri’s 1, rue de Charonne. Tél. +33 01 48 07 03 web.



Well I now getting the last details with the fam to go to Luxembourg this weekend. Its a regular trip for us for many years for a weekend out and out. Hopefully I am back in time to write more on my blog, lots of things to catch up. Happy weekend to all.

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