Some news from France IX

Well the day is over for me of work that is. Its beginning to feel cold again, temps are now at 5°C but expected to be 1°C tomorrow , however, the alert for snow is off, so now its sunny, go figure with this Meteo France weather forecast. The best way is to come prepare and enjoy the stay no matter what. One sure site to keep track of weather is

If you want to keep track of France while still at home or away try the webcams nowdays there are numerous showing from cities to beaches, mountains etc. My favorites are from my area of course, Paris/Versailles. You can see them from the Paris tourist office click on the frames in the big map to pinpoint a specific monument,

SNCF the French rail company conglomerate has reported a 22,4% increase in revenue in 2010 even with the strikes (and they still keep raising the prices Lol!! including a 2-3% raise on TGV lines).

My twins boys competed first in a beyblade tournament at the Grand Recre store 14 rue d’Alésia, near Montparnasse station with competitors from all the region of Paris Ile de France. Gathering honorable mention awards. The French site for Beybladers is here

Last week they participated with their school in a basketball tournament in Val d’oise region 95 where one took gold  medal and the other silver medal in the tournament of various teams from the area.  This is their private school from the 18-19C ad that once house the doctor of Napoleon III.







2 Comments to “Some news from France IX”

  1. I just went to Versailles for the first time on this past Sunday. We were blessed with great weather and actually were sitting out in the sun at Versailles. … in January!! It was great and beautiful. We were there for the entire day and still did not see everything. We may make a return trip in the spring to see the gardens at their best and to see the stuff we missed.


  2. Thank you for commenting no my blog. Yes the weather is nice and cold for me but was just this morning with the wife walking in the gardens anyway its our second home ::) You will love it more in the Spring. Cheers


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