Some news from France VIII

Well the weather has continue like indian summer in winter with rainy humid days, the sun tries to come out but goes back down again. Paris shows 10°C and Versailles 9°C rainy as of now 13h.  The tendency for the next few days is cloudy and rainy from 3-5°C highs until the 26 january according to Meteo France. Not bad at all, just bring a rainjacket.

The latest news is the City of Paris is trying for its exhibitions in its museums to extend the opening hours as too many complaint the public does not have enough time. Some nightime opportunities will surface soon. The Monet exhibition is gathering a wave with 850 000 people expected to see it at the Grand Palais.  All his major works will be on display there. it will start wednesday January 19 thru 24. webpage for more info in English, Spanish etc at

The north tower of the church of St Sulpice in renovation for eleven years its now done and glowing white. The tower is from the 17C. AD. It welcomes about 900 000 tourists per year in the 6éme arrondissement of Paris. It was the site of the novel Da Vinci Code later a movie. The first stone for the church building was in 1646 by Anne of Austria. The north tower is 71 meters high ( 234 ft) with four evangelical statues each weighting 20 tons.  The objects of the restoration and material use will be exhibit later on in the Musée Carnavalet from May 31 to July 4, 2011. The official church webpage in French

The American actress  Jodie Foster will be the presenter together with French  Antoine de Caunes for the 36e  César (the French Oscars) on February 25the at the théatre du Châtelet. webpage

The tramway T3 is getting bigger, public discussion tonite in Paris for the mayor to disclose the works to be done. The job is promise to be finish in 2012. The extension is for another 14,7 kms of tramways from Porte de la Chapelle to Porte d’Asniéres in the north perimeter of the boulevard periphérique. The tunnels for car users will be made less easy so folks like me to suffer again with more congestion in this already congested area coming into the A1 from CDG airport at porte de la chapelle. Stay tune.

More trend in eating places in Paris, the new fast food with gourmet credentials opening up lately are beginning to be a hit in the city, model after Italian trattorias. The new kids on the block are

Mio Padre, 18, rue Vignon, 75007. Tél. : 01 42 65 59 90. open every day except sundays from  10h – 20h. Formules : 7,50 €, 8,80 € and 10,90 €. Carte : about. 12-15 €. Plenty of good pasta and shreck ham like in Italy.

Terra Corsa42, rue des Martyrs, 75009. Tél. : 01 48 78 20 70. Open 10h- 21h30 (19h Sundays). Formules : 12 € and 15 €.Carte : about  20 €. To try the cold cuts and cheeses of Corsica.

Jeanne A, 42, rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud, 75011. Tél. : 01 43 55 09 49.  Open every day except Tuesday and Wednesdays from  10h30 – 22h30. Carte : about. 25 €. Rotisserie style with chicken black feet of Challans, great.

Just a few for you on my latest culinary tries in and around Paris.

Have a great day in la belle France ::)

2 Comments to “Some news from France VIII”

  1. Hi pedmar, great site. Friends of mine are looking for information on taking a train from Madrid to Limogenf (not sure of the spelling) in the sourth of France..
    Thanks you James


  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You mean Limoges in central France from Madrid? crossing train are not easy still between the countries as all is gear towards Paris. The site to see is on trains. Looking at the site tells of travel time of 12-13 hrs from Chamartin to Poitiers then Limoges is the least changes, as more are Madrid, Barcelona Sants and Franca stations then Limoges. Air is expensive too, I have done it by car driving down or up.Hope it helps


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